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Posted: Tuesday, 08 October 2013 6:12AM

Study: Men and women use social media very differently

A new study breaks down some gender differences based on how we use social media, and Americans still come off as pretty stereotypical.

The study published in PLOS One broke down the words and phrases used.  

After looking at more than 19 million Facebook status updates researchers find while guys are talking about video games, football, the economy and government, all while using huge amounts of curse words, women are talking about shopping, relationships and love while using lots of expressions like, "soooo adorable" and "soooo excited" and making a heart sign, (<3) frequently.

People locally notice it too.  "Yeah, I think women use it (social media) more to keep up with each other and men use it to keep up with what's going on with the world," a man in downtown New Orleans says.

Click here for more on the study.

For the females it's all about relationships and for guys, it's sports, politics and pictures of women.  "Yeah, a lot of that," another man confirmed.  How do the gals feel about all those sexy photos?  "It doesn't bother me.  That's what social media is for, to share.  So if you don't want to see what they're putting out there, don't get on," a woman told me.

But another man says, "I have three daughters who are all big Saints fans and I think they would challenge that.  Although they do shop and like to talk about girly-girl things."

Researchers say they also find subtle changes of topics progressing from one age group to the next. "For example, we see a school related topic for 13 to 18 year olds (e.g. 'school', 'homework', 'ugh'), while we see a college related topic for 19 to 22 year olds (e.g. 'semester', 'college', 'register'). Additionally, consider the drunk topic (e.g. 'drunk', 'hangover', 'wasted') that appears for 19 to 22 year olds and a more reserved beer topic (e.g. 'beer', 'drinking', 'ale') for 23 to 29 year olds."

Another observation from the guys.  They say women spend just too much time on Facebook altogether.  As one man put it, "Too much damned time, that's a fact!"

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