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Posted: Monday, 07 October 2013 6:03AM

New Orleans as a technology center takes center stage

NOLA Tech Week kicks off in New Orleans today, intended to continue and spur further development in the area's rapidly expanding tech sector.

That tech sector is being presented to potential participants through Saturday.

Event organizer Jason Seidman says he conceived the event to showcase New Orleans' technology talent.

"We want to show what the city has to offer, all the exciting things that are going on and the important work that is taking place right here in New Orleans," says Seidman.

He says over 75 organizations are involved, from 25 different cities and three countries. He hopes it will help lure those organizations to set up shop here in New Orleans, once they see what the city has to offer.

And, he says it's an opportunity for locals to pitch their ideas to those organizations for development.

There will also be sessions on how to make those pitches...how to properly present one's ideas. Events will include speakers, demonstrations and social gatherings.

"We're using technology to make the entire week a job fair," Seidman says.

He says you never can tell what the next brilliant idea might be.

"Any of the next big technologies can come from anywhere. And, with such a fantastic culture here in New Orleans, we're doing our best to show everyone that we are creating those exciting new technologies that can be implemented all over the world."

He says New Orleans has become one of the hottest tech sectors in the country.

"Every day, we have somebody who has the potential of starting that next big technology that will impact the world."

So, he hopes that the participating organizations will see that they can create those technologies right here in the city.

"And, while doing that, they can live here in New Orleans and get all added benefits that the city has to offer."

NOLA Tech Week events are scheduled at a number of venues throughout the city.

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This week another first-time event showcasing technology, called the New Orleans Science and Technology Festival is taking place on the University of New Orleans campus.

That 'festival' opens Wednesday with the dual purpose of showcasing the state to national and international firms that might consider moving operations here and to introduce locals to technological fields. The event will run through Friday at the University of New Orleans.

Both events are free and open to the public. And, organizers hope both will grow and become annual events.

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