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Are there any areas in the New Orleans metro that you are afraid to gas up late at night?
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Deke: Deuce loves Saints running back core
The all-time leading rusher in the history of the New Orleans Saints dropped by for a chat on SportsTalk with Bobby Hebert and yours truly, Deke Bellavia. The great Deuce McAllister gave his take on the Saints off-season, being a one thousand yard...
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Pampered Pets
YI! Dog is a man's best friend, but some people are taking it way too far! Wang Sicong, son of one of the wealthiest men in China is using his wealth in an interesting way. He just caught a lot of flak on social media for posting a picture of his...
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YI! Getting stuck isn't the best thing to happen, but unfortunately it does happen! A man on a London train got stuck in the toilet! 38-year-old, Steven Staples, tried for minutes to get out of the toilet. He tried swiping his credit card through the...
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OPP: Guns Next Door
YI! We got forwarded a Facebook message about a guy in need of some serious advice. I need some help fellas (and ladies)...I have a buddy who has a neighbor who is into guns. He has a middle school son that constantly gets suspended from school,...
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It Should Be Illegal to ____
YI! Some things should just be illegal but definitely not the band Nickelback! Australia is not a fan of the rock group and they are now on the Queensland police force's wanted list for "crimes against music." The police have issued a "BOLO" on their...
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Scoot: Shouldn't #BlackLivesMatter all the time?
If black lives matter, as the popular phrase promotes, then one has to wonder if black lives matter when an African-American dies and a white police officer is not involved? Over the Memorial Day Weekend in Baltimore, there were at least 29 shootings...
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Drop & Give Them Twenty!
Jon Stewart posted a video of himself doing 20 pushups recently? Why? To raise awareness about America's veterans by dropping and giving them twenty, and posting it to social media and GiveThem20.org. It doesn't cost you anything - just...
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Doctor Bon Jovi, I Presume?
"I sat down and wrote you a song." That's the gift Jon Bon Jovi gave to graduates at the Camden campus of Rutgers University. The university conferred the honorary degree of Doctor of Letters, and as part of his subsequent commencement address,...
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The Best Graduation Video This Year
Imagine you're graduating from high school. You're on stage, waiting to hear your name. You're waiting, and waiting, and you're really up there all by yourself. You think they've forgotten your name. Then they say your...
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Jonny Quest Going Live?
In the 1960s, the folks at Hanna-Barbera produced an animated series called Jonny Quest about the adventures of a boy scientist. It featured Jonny and his dog Bandit, his friend Hadji, his dad and their all-around tough guy, Race Bannon. It only...
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