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Look, Everybody, Psy's Back!
Remember Psy, the South Korean rapper who gifted the world with "Gangnam Style?" He's back. He's got a new song called "Daddy." It sounds so familiar, but I can't quite put my finger on why. Check out the video - see if you can...
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Was Anyone Asking For This Reunion?
The headline on eonline.com screams... "We're Finally Getting a Family Matters Reunion." I can honestly say, I have never sat down with a friend or a group of friends and said, "You know what we need? We need a Family Matters reunion." And yet,...
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Not a Happy Princess
Carrie Fisher, who originated the role of Princess Leia in the original Star Wars trilogy, is not too happy with what she had to do for the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens. She had plenty of comments and some excellent quotes for Good...
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If You Can't Beat 'Em, Agree with 'Em
Kim Kardashian's taking plenty of punishment in social media these days over her pregnancy weight gain. It's not at all fair, but I have to admit, she's taking it in stride. Last week, someone tweeted at her that all she thinks about is...
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Adele the Anamoly
Adele is setting records everywhere she turns, and turning the recording industry upside down. In its first week of release, her new album, "25," sold 3.4 million copies. That shatters a 15-year record held by 'NSync, whose "No Strings Attached"...
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Filling Up the Red Kettle
The Salvation Army in Minnesota got an amazingly large donation in one of its red kettles over the weekend. A check for $500,000, dropped in by a couple who prefer to remain anonymous. The couple told the Salvation Army that when they were younger,...
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Tom Fitzmorris' "Food Show" hits major milestone
My mother once told me that self-praise stinks. Still, I can't resist this. When I signed on to WSMB to host a daily call-in talk show about food, I had some misgivings. At the time, I had a pretty steady flow of freelance writing assignments. I...
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Scoot: By the way, there was another shooting downtown
Oh, by the way, there was another shooting in downtown New Orleans Monday shortly after darkness fell during the rush hour at the busy intersection of Canal and Rampart Streets. Have shootings in downtown New Orleans and in the French Quarter...
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Getting Excited for the Megashark
A few shark enthusiasts - okay, I guess they're scientists - got mega-excited about spotting a megashark. Watch the video to see just how excited they get. It was part of Shark Week, but it's the first time I've seen this clip. And...
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It's Still Chocolate and Peanut Butter, Right?
It's hard to believe that candy purists are in an uproar over the new Reese's Christmas Tree candy. On the outside, they have squiggly green lines to suggest the candy might look like a Christmas tree. But when you open it up, it's...
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