Tiger Baseball - LSU vs Arkansas
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Tiger Baseball - LSU vs Arkansas
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"I Thought This Was Supposed To Be a Man's Movie"
Mad Max: Fury Road was screened at the Cannes Film Festival, and afterwards, some of the stars and the crew appeared in a press conference. A reporter from Toronto stood up and asked Tom Hardy, the actor who played Mad Max, if he questioned why there...
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Baton Rouge Regional: Who are Wilmington and Lehigh?
The local folks know who LSU and Tulane are, but what about the other two teams participating in the 2015 Baton Rouge Regional? UNC Wilmington and Lehigh are the other two schools in the mix, so let's get a little background information on the teams...
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Saints' Vaccaro played entire 2014 season with torn hamstring
Saints safety Kenny Vaccaro had a bad sophomore season in 2014, after a solid rookie campaign in 2013. Vaccaro was caught out of position at times and missed several tackles. He even saw his snap count reduced later in the season, in what he and coach...
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Yi! What do Nostradamus and a Dutch man have in common? They both have predicted a high magnitude earthquake that will strike in California very soon. Who knows if they are right? Predictions are nothing but a waiting game. Anyone can make a...
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Family Feud
Yi! Family feuds are inevitable and can make some good stories to tell the kids someday, however I'm not so sure about these three current stories! Florida twin brothers fought each other in their front yard. They weren't just punching each other;...
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Angela: Is gentrification bad if it ends blight and segregation?
Ten years after the storm, we know New Orleans is changing, growing with new people and with those who lived here once and continue to come home. There is a great sense of progress post-Katrina, but is that progress taking a little bit away from what...
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OPP: Relationship Scam
Yi! Today's OPP is from Candy! Yi Guys, My roommate started dating a guy she met online. They have never met in person but they do talk on the phone and get 'intimate' during their conversations, but he has already proposed to her. He...
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GMD: Elope or Traditional Wedding
Yi! Vicky and Brian are about to get married and they cannot seem to make a decision on what type of wedding they want. There are two types of weddings, traditional or going down to the courthouse and quickly eloping. Brian wants a traditional...
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Kristian: Saints "compete" in OTA, will share Greenbrier with Patriots
Payton's Props: Throughout his time as the Saints head coach, Sean Payton has used baseball bats, cartoons, gas cans, and other items to send messages to his football team. Payton used a clever tool this week as the Saints opened organized team...
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Ian: Oysters, crawfish and ladies arm wrestling on tap this weekend
Oyster Fest May 30 & 31 Woldenburg Park in New Orleans Now in year six, this celebration of all things mollusk is taking over Woldenburg Park for two days of every kind of oyster dish you can shuck a stick at. Nearly two dozen restaurants are...
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