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If you could only pick one thing for the Saints to improve upon on defense what would it be?
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"Sports Talk" with Bobby Hebert & Deke Bellavia
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Kid Ratted Me Out
Yi! If you have one or have been around you would know that they lack one big thing. Children and they seem to not have a filter, either that or they enjoy divulge information that you do not want them to. We found an article about things that kids...
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Yi! At some point in our lives we have that moment when we overreact to somethings. Certain things just tend to push us over the edge, like lice. A woman in Florida tried to hire a hitman to kill the man she believed gave her grandchildren lice. She...
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Bobby: Saints offense gets slight edge at Thursday practice
After the seemingly improving New Orleans Saints defense had gotten the best of them at each of the last two Black and Gold practices, the offense stepped up and took what our resident pro Bobby Herbert says was a slight edge. Practice today at...
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OPP: Cancer Breakup
Yi! Breaking up is a hard thing to do but in this case this is the toughest. Candy and her boyfriend have been together for some time but have been having problems are on the verge of breaking up. They have been doing everything separate and are...
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GMD: Who Gets a New Car?
Yi! Safety or style? That is the question that Erin and David are having a disagreement on. They are living paycheck to paycheck but both need to make huge purchases. Both parties drive extremely old cars that are unsafe and very unreliable. With...
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Kristian: Cooks looking deadly as Saints offense rebounds
Offense: With Coach Sean Payton back at practice, the Saints offense looked like they had something to prove after two previous days dominated by the defense. Saints WR Brandin Cooks is primed for a huge year. He had several targets and receptions...
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Tommy: Archbishop's prayer before Katrina most sobering moment of my life
"One thing I noticed when a firefight was about to happen in Vietnam was the quiet…the stillness. It seemed as though the birds and insects knew something bad was about to happen so they left. I notice that same quiet now." With those...
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Deke: Will the SEC win a national title this year? Here's the rankings
SEC, SEC, SEC! The mighty SEC has not won a national title in two years. Is that a drought? For this conference it is. Here are my first SEC rankings of the season. Enjoy! 1. Alabama – Maybe the best front three in college football...
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Ashley Madison, the TV Show?
One of the biggest data breaches going these days is the one involving AshleyMadison.com. That's the site where you can sign up and arrange an extra-marital affair if you're so inclined. Like they say, "Life is short. Have an...
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Space Oddity in Space
File this in your #TBT drawer: it's a video from a couple of years ago. I missed it, maybe you did too. Astronaut Chris Hadfield pulled a tour aboard the International Space Station in 2013. He was known as being media-savvy, steadily tweeting...
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