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"WWL First News" with Tommy Tucker
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A Wild Reunion
This is an amazing video. The Aspinall Foundation helps introduce gorillas born in captivity into the wilds of West Africa. This video captures the moments when Damian Aspinall and his daughter Tansy rediscovered two gorillas she hadn't seen in...
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Celebrate YouTube
Ten years ago this week, YouTube was founded. Hard to imagine a point in our history without it, but there you are. The first video ever was a 19-second opus called "Me at the Zoo," posted by one of the company's founders. In it, we learn...
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Rest Well, Jayne Meadows
Jayne Meadows, a star of stage, screen and television, passed away yesterday at the age of 95. She was perhaps best-known for her personal-life role as wife to Steve Allen, the first host of The Tonight Show. Here's a fun clip from 1954 when...
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Johnny Depp Disappears Again - Into a Role!
Johnny Depp could well be the best actor of our day. No matter what role he tackles, he dives in all the way - so much so, he's frequently unrecognizable. Black Mass is the latest case in point. In it, he plays Whitey Bulger, one of the most...
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"Which One of You is Michael Palin?"
Over the weekend, the Tribeca Film Festival celebrated the 40th anniversary of Monty Python & the Holy Grail. It was followed by a question-and-answer session hosted by HBO's John Oliver, but the Q&A didn't exactly go as planned. Someone in...
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Comedian in Chief
At Saturday's White House Correspondents Dinner, SNL's Cecily Strong had some strong competition. From the current resident of the White House himself, President Obama. Check out this bit where he invited Luther, his anger translator, to...
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Tigers coach: How can you not like where we are?
The LSU Tigers were 3-1 last week after a midweek win over Tulane and the Bayou Bengals took two out of three from #2 Texas A&M this weekend. The Tigers are ranked #1 in five of the college baseball polls. This week the Tigers face four games. LSU...
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Scoot: The Metairie double murder and the mentality of lawlessness
The arrest of two young people by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office for the double murder on a quiet street in Metairie brings to light a shocking reality. You no longer have to venture into what might be called a "high crime" area in order to feel...
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Kristian: Five possible draft targets for the Saints
The Saints will have the flexibility to draft the best prospect on their board when they go on the clock with the 13th pick in round 1. Teams try to position themselves to do just that, but some teams force the pick based on need. In the case of the...
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Deke: Where do the Pelicans go from here?
In sports, some teams have a way of dealing with the media and time passing when it comes to wins and losses. I learned a lot from Coach Saban over the years - his teams have an agreed-upon 24 hour rule. 24 hours after every game goes final, that game -...
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