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Actor Dennis Quaid's Wife Files For 3rd Divorce From Him
Actor Dennis Quaid's wife, Kimberly Buffington-Quaid, filed for dissolution of marriage on Tuesday. She filed for divorce twice in 2012. Back in 2012, her first divorce documents revealed, "The marriage has become insupportable because of discord...
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Leah Remini Set To Trigger Tom Cruise With New Show
Actress Leah Remini is putting together a new show for TV, and it's all about how the Church of Scientology rips apart families. Leah says she's been in the church since age 9 but left in 2013. "As time goes on, you start to lose touch...
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2 Decades Later, A Huge Honor For The Late Selena
Singer Selena will get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The honor comes 22 years after her death. Selena, who was fatally shot at a motel by the president of her fan club in 1995, will get her star along with 33 other people next year. Bidi...
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See Everything Coming To Netflix, Hulu, And Amazon In July
Lots of new movies and shows coming to the major streaming services next month, including the Back To The Future trilogy, six Star Trek flicks, and the Lethal Weapon movies. Click to see everything coming to: Netflix Hulu Plus Amazon...
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Kanye West Might Have Found A Way To Make A Billion Dolllars
Kanye West just announced he's going to become a billionaire. How? His new deal with Adidas. According to this, the deal involves not only designing shoes and apparel, but also having retail stores just for selling the line. If this does well...
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People Counted How Many Times Adele Swears In Concert
If you've ever seen an Adele concert clip on YouTube, you know she swears a bit. But how much? According to CNN, yes CNN, she swore 33 times in her concert for the BBC. Great set by @Adele but did she have to swear so much? Sorry kids you can't...
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If You Already Didn't Want To See The 'Tetris' Movie This Is Bad News
The Tetris movie was announced a while ago, but we now know that it won't be just one movie. According to the producer Larry Kasanoff, it's going to be a trilogy! Sounds pretty ambitious for a video game. "That's correct," Larry told Empire,...
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Deke: 2009 was the gold standard for Saints turnovers
From Gary Gibbs, Gregg Williams, Steve Spagnuolo, Rob Ryan and now Dennis Allen, the five coaches that have been in charge of a Saints defense have all had a common theme - try to create turnovers. We all know that seasons in which titles are won are...
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Why Lady Gaga Was Banned In China
Lady Gaga met with the Dalai Lama this week to talk about meditation and mental health. Afterwards China ordered her songs banned, while state-controlled media were ordered to condemn the meeting. A government official suggested he'd never heard of...
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Lena Dunham Responds To Kanye West's 'Famous' Video
Poor Kanye...He put naked body doubles of famous celebrities in his new video and it almost went unnoticed (Taylor Swift hasn't commented on being portrayed nude next to Kanye and Kim in bed). But Lena Dunham called the "Famous" video "sad and...
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