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"Sportstalk" with Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia
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Scoot: "Hidden Figures" and race issues in America's space race
"Hidden Figures" is a movie that brings new emphasis to the word "race" in America's space race in the late-50s and early-60s. It is also a movie that deserves credit for being the first movie since "Good Will Hunting" to make mathematical calculations...
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Could Tom Hardy Be The New 007?
In an interview with The Daily Beast, Tom Hardy stoked speculation that he was interested in playing 007 - because of course! Hardy said, ''If you talk about it, you're automatically out of the race.'' Some fans suggest he would...
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Fake Justin Bieber Arrested
A man was allegedly posing as Justin Bieber, and getting the singer's underage fans to send him nude photos. He has been arrested. Gross. The guy, identified as Bryan Asrary, was picked up for reportedly using Bieber's (since deleted) Instagram...
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Woman Gets Dream 'Beauty And The Beast' Proposal
This might melt your cold, black heart. Cara's boyfriend took some time to plan this proposal! He decided to bring her Disney fairy tale fantasy to life. Imgur user jel2930 shared the process of his Beauty and the Beast themed proposal scheme. The...
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The Late David Bowie Leads Brit Award Nominations
The late David Bowie is in the lead as far as nominations go for the Brit Awards. The 1975 and Rihanna each scored multiple nominations for this year's Brit Awards, which honors music released both in the United Kingdom and worldwide. Bowie was...
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Did Lindsay Lohan Convert To Islam?
Lindsay Lohan recently deleted all of her social media posts on Instagram, and changed her header to read, "Alaikum salam." The phrase translates to "and unto you peace" in Arabic. Since updating her header, Twitter users began assuming that Lindsay...
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Ryan Gosling Dancing As A Kid Is Cringeworthy (To Ryan Gosling)
La La Land actor Ryan Gosling is a triple threat. He can act. He can sing. And he can dance? When he showed up on the British Graham Norton Show alongside Emma Stone, Sienna Miller, and Ben Affleck, the host dug up old footage of Gosling as a child star,...
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Stephen Curry Makes Less Than 81 Other NBA Players & Is Okay With It
Two-time NBA MVP Stephen Curry makes less money than 81 other NBA players. Why? Because he signed his contract four years ago when he had injury issues and hadn't developed into the MVP is today. Is he okay being less than he's theoretically...
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Could There Be A 'Game Of Thrones' Prequel?
Game Of Thrones hasn't even announced an end date yet, but so much money is being made that there are spinoff discussions happening. Casey Bloys is HBO's Original Programming President, and he said nothing is written in stone, but admitted...
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Trump Attacking 'Saturday Night Live' As Predicted
Saturday Night Live opened the last episode with a parody of President-elect Donald Trump's first press conference, and then Tina Fey predicted Trump would bash the show on Twitter. Just five days before he is inaugurated as President of the...
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