"Double Coverage" with Kristian and T-Bob
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Bottom line, are you hopeful or hopeless about the Saints future, if they finish another season below .500?
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"Double Coverage" with Kristian and T-Bob
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Kristian: Banged up Saints looking to rebound against Tampa
My, how the tables have turned. The Saints were typically looking down at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the standings for the last handful of seasons, but not this year. Tampa comes into Sunday's match up with New Orleans as the favorite in the game,...
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Scoot Blog: Not every white person defends other whites
When Joe McKnight, Jr., an African-American and former NFL player, was shot and killed following a road rage incident and the shooter, Ronald Gasser, a white male, was not immediately arrested, there were demands for Gasser's immediate arrest. Some...
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VIDEO: New Star Wars 'Rouge One' Trailer
SPOLIERS The new Rogue One: A Star Wars Story trailer explains the upcoming Star Wars spinoff's backstory ... just a little bit. #ItsComplicated Galen Erso (Mads Mikkelsen) — the father of Rebel fighter Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) —...
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Selena's Father Trying To Stop TV Series
For fans looking forward to watching Selena and Chris Perez's love story on TV, don't get too excited - her dad isn't happy. Selena's father is suing Perez (her widower) to stop production according to E!. In a shocking moment of...
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Amy Schumer Slays Trolls
Amy Schumer has been hit with backlash since the trolling public heard that she'll be playing Barbie in a movie. Pay attention trolls - She doesn't care what you think. Next to a picture of herself in a bathing suit, she wrote that it...
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Instagram Finally Added The Features You've Been Asking For
I'm a social media geek and love all the networks, but my dream is that we all settle on one network and give it all the features. Wouldn't that be easier? Instagram became more like Facebook this week with some new features. Don't get...
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Is It 1999? Britney Spears And Christina Aguilera Are Teaming Up
Britney Spears has a song called, "Do You Wanna Come Over," and it looks like Christina Aguilera might be showing up on the remix. This all comes from a publishing listing in Australia. Here's a conversation starter. Not sure what this means...
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Beyonce Leads Grammy Nominations With Nine - See The Full List
The Grammy nominations have been announced and Beyonce leads with NINE of them, all for her album "Lemonade." But in the top three categories (Album, Song, Record), she's up against Adele so it might be a diva battle. Kanye West got eight...
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Game Of Thrones Actor Dies - His Watch Has Ended
He played Maester Aemon on Game of Thrones, ending a seven-decade career in Hollywood. Peter Vaughan, known for his role as Maester Aemon in the hit HBO series Game of Thrones died on Tuesday at the age of 93. Deeply saddened to hear that Peter...
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David Beckham's Tattoos Come To Life
David Beckham is know for his athletic ability? Let's be honest he's known as a sexy symbol too, and in a new video for UNICEF you see his tattoos come to life. Beckham's body art is on display to draw awareness to violence against...
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