Do you agree with the City of New Orleans for removing physical barriers people are using to reserve spots for Mardi Gras parades?
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Steve: 5 games in 6 days for LSU baseball
Baseball season for LSU is off and running. The Tigers went 3-0 opening weekend and don't get to ease into things as they must now must deal with 5 games in the next 6 days. The Tigers travel to 3-0 UNO tonight, then go back home to host Hofstra...
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Scoot: Who is the enemy of the American people - the media or Trump?
"The FAKE NEWS media (failing NYT, CNN, NBC and many more) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the America people. SICK!" That was a tweet President Trump sent out Friday as he continues to ramp up his war against the media. Shortly after sending...
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Deke: Tigers, Wave, Privateers pick up bats this weekend!
Baseball season is here, and college teams in the state of Louisiana are set to open the 2017 season this weekend. "We're ready to play," said LSU Coach Paul Mainieri. Mainieri and his Tigers open the season as the 2nd ranked team in the nation. The...
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Scoot: What if Obama had called Fox News "fake media?"
The sh*t would have hit the fan if President Obama had praised CNN and MSNBC while bashing Fox News as "fake media," but that is essentially what President Trump is doing by praising FNC and labeling their competitors as fraudulent. I realize that...
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Deke: All-Star Weekend back home again in the Big Easy
Doctor J, Larry Legend, Magic, Jordan, Shaq and Barkley... those are just a smidgeon of names that were once the greatest to play the game at one point in their great NBA careers. And this weekend down here in the Big Easy, the NBA will showcase their...
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Arden Key taking time away from football
Perhaps the most talented LSU defender entering the 2017 season is taking a break from football for personal reasons. LSU Coach Ed Orgeron announced the news earlier today: "In consultation with our staff and his family, Arden Key has decided to...
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Scoot: For the first time, I'm deeply concerned about America
It is not my intent to offend the many Trump supporters that are a regular part of the afternoon audience of our show on WWL. However, failing to be honest about any political controversy would disqualify me as a credible radio talk show...
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Deke: QB Harris says bye, UNO straight balling, LSU bats on the horizon
At times I think we all get little long in the tooth, meaning that things get a little old, stale or boring. So I thought instead of putting out a feature on one person or one topic that today I would hit on a variety of things. So far in this very...
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Krewe of Bacchus dings "Young and the Ringless" Atlanta Falcons
The national media is getting a kick out of a Mardi Gras float photo that takes a stab at the Saints' bitter enemies in a way only a Mardi Gras krewe can! They got a Ringless Float for the Falcons @ Mardi Gras. I love my city lmao....
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Scoot: The media and President Trump are both at fault
One of the dominant news stories over the weekend was the story about the ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) raids that led to the deportation of over 350 illegal immigrants in 12 states. The majority of those arrested were convicted felons, but...
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