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Is gunfire along a parade route the new "normal" for Mardi Gras?
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You Were Just Stung by a Hornet
A guy showed up at a Charlotte Hornets basketball game last week wearing a Denver Broncos jersey. Loud, proud and orange, wearing # 87. That's Eric Decker's number, a tight end for the Broncos. Charlotte is also the home town for the...
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Odds Are Good You Had Chicken Wings Yesterday
According to estimates, Americans consumed over 1.3 billion chicken wings yesterday as a Super Bowl snack. That works out to four chicken wings for every man, woman and child in the United States. Not to mention the barbecue sauces, the blue cheese...
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Next Year, I'm Watching the Super Bowl on German TV
This is so much fun. Listen to these German announcers describing Von Miller's strip sack of Cam Newton that led to Super Bowl 50's first touchdown yesterday. So much more entertaining and enthusiastic than the CBS broadcast team of Jim...
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Steve Harvey Wins the Super Bowl
No, it's not another "Steve Harvey blew it" joke. This is about Steve Harvey's T-Mobile ad during the Super Bowl. By now, we've all seen the Verizon add with the colored balls coming down the chute to show how much better their coverage...
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"How Hard Is It to Catch a Prius?"
Okay, I get it. The Prius isn't what it used to be. It's got some power, it's spacious, it looks good, goes a long way on a tank of gas. But to set it up as a getaway car for a set of bank robbers? I'm sorry, I'm calling...
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Lady Gaga Does Lady Liberty Proud
Lady Gaga kicked off Super Bowl 50 in fine style last night with her rendition of our national anthem. Gaga was decked out quite modestly in a glittery red outfit, almost white hair and blue fingernails - and I'm pretty sure one shoe was white,...
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Beast Mode Out...
While some of us were dozing during the Snoozer Bowl - I'm sorry, it just wasn't that exciting - someone else was hanging up his cleats. Marshawn Lynch, running back for the Seattle Seahawks, posted a picture of his bright green cleats,...
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Drunk or Kid?
YI! Its time for another edition of Drunk or Kid! The first story was a kid who stole his mom's gun and held up a convenient store. Second story was a person who stole a decorative item from a restaurant, but returned it with a note and candy....
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OPP: Dad Moving on Too Fast
YI! Today's ‪OPP‬ is from Nikki who is dealing with the loss of her mother who passed away 3 months ago. To add to her grief, she is also upset because her father is already dating someone else. ‬She feels as though he is...
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Hidden/Useless Talent
YI! We all have hiddent talents, and while some are useless, some are quite entertaining, like the guy below who peeled a coconut in seconds, using only his teeth! Bizarre moment man strips whole coconut in 20 seconds - using just his...
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