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Las Vegas favors LSU in 10 of their 12 games. Will the Tigers get to 10 wins?
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Mark: Prep football kicks off tonight - what you need to know
The last time we saw the U-High Cubs, all they were doing was bringing their first state championship back to Baton Rouge in 25 years with a 46-32 win in the Superdome over district rival Parkview Baptist. The road to a repeat, and a fourth title...
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Drunk or Kid
Yi! It's time for Drunk or Kid where you will tell us a story and the guys will guess whether you were drunk or a kid! Lil' D will start off the game by telling two stories he found and saying them in first person. The guys will then guess if Lil' D...
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OPP: Truck Driver Son
Yi! Today's OPP is from Heather! Yi! My son got his license 7 months ago and, like every other teen, he loves to drive. So much so that he announced to his father and me that he wanted to go to truck driving school instead of college. He told us...
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Jordan's Boot Report: College football kicks off on the Bayou
College football is back at last! There's a lot of promise for teams in the Boot this year. Three start the year ranked (LSU in FBS, McNeese State and Southeastern in FCS) and several could compete for their conference championship. Three teams from...
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Anyone Listening Who
Yi! It's time Anyone Listening Who, where Slacker, Steve, and Lil' D are in competition of who know you the best! The guys compile a topic that they have wanted to discuss on the show but it got vetoed. Here are their topics for today! Slacker...
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T-Bob: 2015 Tigers worth the hype? McNeese should provide a clue
It is Christmas Eve for Tiger fans as LSU prepares to open up their 2015 campaign against the McNeese State Cowboys. Normally at this time of the week I would lay out some keys to the game and how I believe it will all play out, but today I would rather...
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Scoot: How Kentucky Clerk differs from other freedom fighters
Passionate reaction continues to fill the airwaves following a Judge ordering a Kentucky county clerk to jail over her refusal to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Rowan County clerk Kim Davis remains behind bars and insists she is acting...
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Steve Geller predicts final Saints 53-man roster
Hallelujah, the preseason is a wrap and time to focus on REAL football next week. First up, there is the final round of roster cuts as teams need to get down to the mandated 53. Injures changed my initial forecast AND I've put Jarius Byrd on the PUP...
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Ball's in the Park, Outfielder Isn't
First off, let's just make it clear: no one got hurt. Well, not physically. I'm sure there's some wounded pride here. On Wednesday, Ruben Tejada of the New York Mets got an inside-the-park home run at Citi Field, with a little help from...
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Be the Talk of Your Labor Day Barbecue
So if you're interested in having everyone talk about you at your Labor Day barbecue, this could be the thing for you. The video here is called "How to Skin a Watermelon." Following the methods demonstrated, you'll be able to pull the outer...
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