Do you think the Saints played poorly, or is a 27-14 loss what you expect when the Black & Gold play a Super Bowl contender?
  I'm not down on the Saints, the Steelers are just that good.
  Let's face it, the Saints are not that good.
  Man, after 3 games I don't know if the Saints are better, worse or flat out rebu
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Kristian: Lessons from Saints 2016 preseason are alarming
Who says preseason games don't matter? Sure they don't count in the win/loss total, but you can certainly learn some things about a team in the preseason. I think it's very fair and safe to say the Saints offensive line is going to be a real...
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Steve: Saints' laundry list for the Pittsburgh Steelers
Preseason game #3 is the pinnacle of all exhibition games, since starters typically see their most action in the big dress rehearsal before the regular season. The Saints are 0-2 this preseason, but Coach Sean Payton and his players seem pretty...
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What Deuce and Bobby are watching for in Saints v Steelers
Thursday on SportsTalk Bobby, Deuce and I broke down what we are all looking for from the Saints in their third preseason game as the Black and Gold host the Pittsburgh Steelers. Here, we take a look at each phase of the game, starting with Special...
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Problem With The MTV Video Awards Seating Chart?
We all know it, where you sit matters. Cool kids? Not so cool kids? Upper management? Interns? The MTV Video Music Awards seating chart is equally as challenging. Most celeb guests like Beyonce request their seat mates because ... BEYONCE. During...
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This Adorable Baby Has No Idea She's An Instagram Star
New mom Laura Izumikawa doesn't "sleep when the baby sleeps." She dresses the baby up during naps and posts photos to Instagram, and it's amazing. Laugh it up, fuzzball. #starwars A photo posted by Laura Izumikawa (@lauraiz)...
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Here's A Twist: Celebrity Drops Endorser Over Bad Behavior
This is an example of the "power of the online parent." The price of the EpiPen, known to help those in anaphylaxis shock, dramatically rose over the last few months without explanation to those who need it. Parents rushed to social media demanding the...
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Kylie Jenner Wants You To Feel Her Breasts?
It seems like every female celebrity goes through this at one point in her career - Someone says their breasts are fake, and they deny it. The new blue @livelokai is 🔥🔥 love that it's also for a great cause...
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You'll Want To Watch Britney Spears On Carpool Karaoke 'One More Time'
I'm terrible at singing in the car, but I love Carpool Karaoke! James Corden's feature on the Late Late Show is always entertaining even if you don't like the guest. I think it's because it's two people dorking out and having...
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New Stadium Name Is Terrible, Chicago Fans Try To Fix It
On November 1st, U.S. Cellular Field (formerly Comiskey Park) will be renamed Guaranteed Rate Field, and Chicago White Sox fans are not happy. Guaranteed Rate Field? Think about that name. "Hey, what time do the gates open at Guaranteed?" "Is...
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Garland: Should third-party candidates be allowed on debate stage?
Should the Libertarian & Green candidates be allowed to participate in the Presidential debates? Some are urging the Commission on Presidential Debates to reconsider their policy of allowing only candidates who have an average of 15% in the 5...
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