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Should Sean Payton: stay with Saints & rebuild or leave in a trade and the team rebuilds with someone new?
  stay with Saints & rebuild
  leave in a trade and the team rebuilds with someone new
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"This Morning" with Gordon Deal
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"The Worst FBI Agent in History"
David Duchovny and a few others connected with the resurrection of The X-Files appeared at ComicCon in New York over the weekend. The interview below is sort of a lovefest, but at about the 2:30 mark, David talks a bit about why Mulder is so...
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Wait... Kanye Smiles?
Kanye West popped in unexpectedly as a contestant in front of the American Idol judges in San Francisco. It was a total punk move, and Harry Connick Jr and Keith Urban were amused. Jennifer Lopez was super-excited - she even danced in her seat a...
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Really Inappropriate Musicals
Comic performers Nathan Lane and Rachel Bloom visited James Corden and The Late, Late Show last week. Together, they presented "Inappropriate Musicals," and boy, would they be inappropriate. Screen-to-stage adaptations of Terminator, The Exorcist...
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"No Tricks, All Treats"
So, Monday was a fun day in Milford, Connecticut. Early in the day, an announcement hit that the school department in Milford was cancelling Halloween parades and the celebration of Halloween in the schools and classrooms. Why? Because Halloween...
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Smoking Weed with The Jebster
Presidential candidate Jeb Bush made a guest appearance on Fox Sports' Countdown to Kickoff show this past weekend. Why? I don't really know. But during it, the subject of his pot-smoking came up. Which was coupled with his prep school...
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What the Devil?
There's a legend about an elusive creature in New Jersey called the Jersey Devil. Nothing to do with the hockey team - this one's more like the Loch Ness monster or Bigfoot. A winged creature with horns. It's been spotted by many, but...
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Payton shoots down wanderlust rumors; "I love it here"
Today, Payton addressed reports that he might like to leave the Saints during his Monday teleconference with the media, dismissing them as just another distraction to ignore during the course of a season. "That comes up yearly now. Not just every...
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1990's Things That Are Coming Back
Yi! Here are 1990s things that are making a comeback: Hydrox Cookies Jelly Sandals Crystal Pepsi JNCO French Toast Crunch Elastic Choker Surge Denim Jacket Birkenstock Sandals Tamagotchi's Slacker considers himself a halfway 90s...
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Drunk Decision
Yi! A drunk dude sent a text message to is professor when he was drunk. Unfortunately it sounds like it was written by a drunk person as well. The professor responded saying that whatever the student was drinking, he wanted some. A drunk man was hit...
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OPP: Regret Abortion
Yi! Today's OPP: "Yi, I had an abortion at the beginning of the summer and I'm 17. When I did it I was positive it was the right thing to do but now I regret doing it. The more I think about it the more I feel like a murderer. My baby was...
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