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What is most to blame for the increase in shooting deaths in cities like New Orleans and Chicago?
  Lack of gun control
  Lack of parenting
  Lack of education
  Lack of good judges
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Scoot: Black lives matter, all the time
After a Fourth of July weekend that was preceded by government warnings of possible terrorist attacks by ISIS or lone wolf ISIS sympathizers, we are talking about the number of Americans killed by Americans, and the greatest threat to the lives of...
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Road Trip
Yi! A family rented a 24 foot Winnebago. The family didn't take into consideration that some overpasses in the country were lower than others. The dreaded incident happened on Boston Highway. "I remember only the sickening crunch as our carefully packed...
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OPP: Friend's With Brother's Ex
Yi! Today's OPP comes from Bethany: My name is Bethany and my older brother is getting divorced. His wife and I are extremely close and my brother is refusing to let me stay in contact with my sister-in-law. I told him that she has been the only one...
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Irrational Fear
Yi! In Cornwall, England, a 16-year-old girl died from cardiac arrest as a result chronic constipation. An inquest took place at Truro City Hall in the UK, which heard Titterington's bowel had become so distended with constipation, it began pushing on...
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USA Women Grab FIFA Gold
It's official. The USA Women's Soccer team defeated Japan last night in Vancouver, and took home FIFA's World Cup. That makes them the first women's team to win a third World Cup. It was an amazing game. USA's Carli Lloyd scored...
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Dave Grohl's Back, on a Throne
A couple of weeks ago, Dave Grohl broke his leg falling off-stage during a concert in Sweden. He got patched up quick - not a permanent fix, but enough to get him back on stage - and he finished up the show. Then he took a little time off to...
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Step Aside, XXL - Regular Mike is in the House
Let's face it, Magic Mike XXL sets a very high bar for men. Chiseled, easy on the eyes, the subjects of fantasy. For the rest of us, that sets the standard impossibly high. So thank goodness for this answer to Magic Mike XXL. Regular Mike...
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Her Name is Heavenly Joy, and Boy, Is She Ever
Every once in a while, something joyous happens on America's Got Talent. Here's one of those moments. A 5-year-old named Heavenly Joy wowed the judges and the audience with her audition piece, singing a song from Frozen and tap dancing...
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Animal Park's Got Talent!
Okay, this is stupid and dumb - but I guarantee it will make you laugh. Some folks were driving through an animal park when they came up to a zebra. This wasn't any ordinary zebra. This was the Mister Ed of zebras, and he was willing to sing...
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Not Again... Yes Again!
Years from now, psychologists will do studies to figure out why the Sharknado franchise is so popular. By then, we'll be up to Sharknado 47. The folks behind the franchise are sequel geniuses. And they talk about it in the trailer: "While...
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