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Garland: Should third-party candidates be allowed on debate stage?
Should the Libertarian & Green candidates be allowed to participate in the Presidential debates? Some are urging the Commission on Presidential Debates to reconsider their policy of allowing only candidates who have an average of 15% in the 5...
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Peyton Manning Is Joining A Comedy Central Roast
If you ever saw the episode of Saturday Night Live when Peyton Manning hosted, you know he's got pretty good comic timing. So it isn't a huge surprise that Comedy Central announced that Peyton will be joining the roast of actor Rob Lowe. Rob...
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(Sniff) Olympian Sells Silver Medal For A Child's Cancer Treatment
A Polish discus thrower named Piotr Malachowski decided to auction off the silver medal he just won in Rio to pay for the treatment of a 3-year-old's cancer treatment. This is not his son or a close friend's son - He just did it out of the...
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Arizona Coyotes Hire NHL's First Full-Time Female Coach
The NHL's Arizona Coyotes have hired Dawn Braid as skating coach, and she is believed to be the first full-time female coach in NHL history. But she's not new to the sport. Dawn worked part-time for the Coyotes last season and has served as a...
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Jennifer Lopez Single Again
Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart have broken up again. Not sure if their 18-year age difference had anything to do with it, but according to Jennifer Lopez sources the relationship is over. The couple had been on and off since October 2011. -Mike...
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Bobby and Deuce impressed with Saints but wary of key weaknesses
The long days of training camp aren't what they used to be, but they are still widely considered the dog days of preparing for the NFL season. Today the Saints saw the end of camp come with a final practice in front of members of the Who Dat...
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Saints training camp ends; focus now is on Steelers
That's a wrap on Saints training camp for this season. While the coaches and players will tell you the team is still in a training camp mindset, camp is, by all intents and purposes, over. The team will now turn their attention Friday...
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Channing Tatum's Daughter Already Following In Her Parents' Footsteps
Jenna Dewan Tatum is half of the puppy-riding-a-unicorn cute couple The Tatums with actor Channing Tatum. She met her man on the set of the movie "Step Up" and recently said, "We keep saying we are going to force feed "Step Up" to [daughter] Everly,...
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Deke: LSU football's 2016 season all comes down to November
It was all going so great! A 7-0 start, #2 in the first playoff poll and a seemingly bright future. But then things got real ugly for the Bayou Bengals. Three blowout losses in their last four games doomed any chance LSU had at being a top 10 team and...
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J.K. Rowling Just Dropped A Harry Potter Bomb
Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling is still full of surprises. After she released some sketches of our favorite characters, fans began to notice something. In an illustration featuring the Gryffindor crew during "The Midnight Duel" chapter of the first...
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