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Surgery Stories
Enrique Milla was one of the unfortunate ones. He elected for surgery that would help him maintain an erection. Milla wasn't trying to gain a larger member, but he did want to be able to perform in bed - it turned out that his implant was literally a...
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Luis Carlos de Noronha Cabral da Camara made an unusual distribution of his money after his death: 70 people listed in a Lisbon phone directory were contacted out of the blue after his death to be told he had made them his beneficiaries. They had been...
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OPP: Warn When Fired
OPP is from a lady who is dating a co-worker. She has a much higher position in the company and loves her job. She recently found out her boyfriend is going to be fired. Should she tell him and risk her job or save the job and risk the...
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Slept Through
Two people slept through a Pennsylvania home burglary early Wednesday morning, according to police. "They didn't hear anything," said police. A burglar initially tried to force his or her way inside through one door, but was thwarted by its dead...
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Kristian: Five things you can bank on for the 2015 Saints
Go ahead, roll your eyes! I'm doing the same thing, but with the Saints taking the day off today I thought it would be a perfect time to talk about some of the observations I've made, and why I believe they'll work for the Saints. 1. I would be...
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Scoot: Comedian Amy Schumer advocates new gun laws
Comedian and actress Amy Schumer is supporting new gun legislation following the mass shooting in a Lafayette movie theater during the showing of her new movie "Trainwreck." The new bill is sponsored by her second cousin, U.S. Senator Charles Schumer. ...
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Steve: The biggest letdowns so far at Saints camp
Sorry to be the "Debbie Downer" of the WWL sports team, but all the analysis from Saints training camp can't be positive. The team is off today, so as we get ready to enter week two here in West Virginia, I decided to tell you about the players who have...
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The Exorcist Joins Game of Thrones
Veteran actor Max Von Sydow - perhaps most famous for his role in The Exorcist - has joined the Season 6 cast of Game of Thrones. He'll be playing the Three-Eyed Raven, the mysterious and mystical tutor to Bran Stark (who didn't make a single...
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Uptown Funk, Movie-Style
There have been a lot of parodies and remakes of "Uptown Funk," but this one is inspired. Someone who may or may not have too much time on his hands has spliced together snippets from movies to match up with the lyrics of the song. Clips from 280...
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"Excuse Me, What Aisle Can I Find KISS In?"
File this one under "Why?" As in why is KISS, the glam-rock-and-roll band, doing a promotional video for K-Mart? I've watched it a few times to see if I can figure it out. Sure, there are a few KISS items in there, and a couple of funny...
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