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Does CB Keenan Lewis' injury change your prediction for the Saints season?
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Saints @ Packers
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Damage Doing the Deed
Yi! Spicing things up in the bedroom is always a good idea according to many marriage counselors but sometimes spicing things up in that department can lead to injuries and damage. A couple in Austria thought it would be fun to have relations in...
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OPP: Paying for Bucket List UPDATE: Scott's Side
Yi! An OPP from a former OPP's husband! On Tuesday Jillian called in to our show and was our OPP. She was extremely upset that her husband Scott was spending their money on his father's bucket list. His father is terminally ill and has just...
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GMD: Tell About Suicide
Yi! Suicide is a very sad unfortunate situation that does happen and it's hard to explain to a child why their relative decided to take their own lives and that's what our Great Mate Debate is all about! William's sister committed suicide four years...
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Ian: Fried food, fabulous fun, family festivals abound Labor Day weekend
Louisiana Seafood Festival, September 4-6 City Park Festival Grounds in New Orleans Gorge yourself on the world's best seafood for three straight days of great live music, celebrity chef cooking demonstrations, and of course - seafood! All the...
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Kristian: 5 Saints who are fighting for their jobs tonight
The preseason isn't needed! It's boring, it's sloppy, and it subjects the veterans to injury risk. All the aforementioned is true! However, what about the players that need this last game to make the final roster? We've seen it every season - one or...
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You Have to Have a Sense of Humor
When you're a new mom, your body can do strange things to you when you least expect it. Just ask Jennifer Love Hewitt. She gave birth to her second child, a boy, not too long ago. On Tuesday, she headed out to a meeting, and her breast produced...
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Can I Get an Unsend Button, ASAP?
Here's one that's funny and sad at the same time. A guy in Illinois interviewed for a job and was offered a position. Somehow, when he got the offer, he managed to text two naked pictures of himself to the company's human resources...
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Vince Wilfork Texas Stylin'
HBO's Hard Knocks is in its tenth season of following one NFL team through its training camp as the players get ready for the full season. This year, the show focuses on the Houston Texans. Vince Wilfork, one of the biggest defensive linemen...
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Which Fight Club Rule Does This Break?
Two daycare workers in New Jersey are facing charges after authorities learned they were organizing a fight club with the kids they were charged with watching. The kids were between the ages of four and six, and cell phone videos posted to SnapChat by...
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44th in the 49th
President Barack Obama has been busy this week, visiting the nation's 49th state and making some points about climate change in the process. While in Alaska, he did some salmon fishing, taped a TV show with Bear Grylls, and visited some very...
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