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Kristian: Status of Saints training camp still unknown admist floods
West Virginia, in particular Greenbrier valley, and White Sulphur Springs has suffered from significant flooding at the Greenbrier resort and surrounding communities. "America's Resort" is closed until further notice, and 60 roads in the area are still...
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Saints tweak roster, sign DT CJ Wilson
The Saints announced today they've placed CB Kyle Wilson on reserve/Injured list and have signed DT C.J. Wilson. Kyle Wilson signed last off-season with the Saints and played a role as reserved defensive back last season. C.J. Wilson comes to New...
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Scoot: Have Baby Boomers forgotten how wild they were?
Baby Boomers are now the Establishment, achieving a status never envisioned by the generation that was known as "anti-Establishment!" And looking back on how wild and rebellious our generation was – we should feel fortunate that so many of us made...
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Confused About Brexit? So is Britain.
Lets start at the beginning. The United Kingdom voted for Brexit, Prime Minister David Cameron announced his resignation, and THEN tons of people turned to Google and typed, "What happens if we leave the EU?"—just a few hours AFTER they already...
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You Are The Wind Beneath My...Llama
It's a charming tale of a llama and her leaf blower. Fiesta the llama at the Houston Zoo apparently LOVES the leaf blower and gets a blow out on the daily for zoo staff. AP shared this delightful story which made women everywhere call their...
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Kristian: Which Saints player is in a make-or-break season?
This question is easy to answer. If Player X doesn't perform, he's likely out of New Orleans following the season. Player X would be Safety Jairus Bryd. Since Byrd arrived in New Orleans during the 2014 off-season after signing a 6 year,...
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Amazing Robot Dog Will Do Your Dishes
A company called Boston Dynamics has just created a robotic dog that will also work as a housekeeper. Now that would be man's (and woman's) best friend! Skip to the one-minute mark to see it do dishes: -Mike Draup Photo: USA Today
Harry Styles Is Officially Going Solo Without One Direction
For One Direction fans this might be a bigger exit than the Brexit. Harry Styles is officially a party of ONE: https://t.co/GNrUfBZkfe pic.twitter.com/dFlNEcieMF — ELLE Magazine (US) (@ELLEmagazine) June 24, 2016 Harry Styles has signed a...
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KFC Is Offering A Chicken Meal Box That Will Charge Your Phone
I just became a KFC fan! Or at least I will if they bring this to America. KFC India is offering a chicken meal box that will charge your cell phone. KFC putting a charge into customers' meals in India with Watt a Box https://t.co/uqLp8jnBdM...
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Calvin Harris Reportedly Says Taylor Swift 'Controlled The Media'
You need to know that a rep for Calvin Harris has since denied this, but someone using Calvin's account (probably Calvin) started responding to hate comments from Taylor Swift fans on Instagram. The comments have since been deleted, but the two...
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