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Payton on Day 5: "We will be smart about Byrd"

Hokie: "That was the best Saints practice I've ever seen"

Kristian: Byrd back, Cooks shines at Saints camp

Brees: Jairus Byrd is "awesome, so instinctive"

T-Bob: Can you smell what the Saints are Brandin Cookin?


Are you aware that there are things in your home that are dirtier than your toilet?
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Deke: A look at the 2014 Heisman hopefuls
In the past, there wasn't as much excitement surrounding the Heisman race, but in the last several years, some record-setting performances have earned the award. Between Tim Tebow, Cam Newton, Johnny Football and Famous Jameis, the Heisman has gotten...
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Tom: How do I eat out without ballooning out?
Q. I need to lose a few pounds, and know I should concentrate on eating chicken, fish, etc. However, I'm a little concerned about the sauces that come with most of these dishes. What are some sauces to avoid, and which ones are relatively "safe?" Or...
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Deke: Which Saints running backs actually have the best run game?
As my lovely co-host the Cajun Cannon and I watched practice from the stands, we began to talk about the Saints running backs. Just like any position, there is more to it than meets the eye. RB's have to be able to do far more than just run the...
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Scoot: A "Straight Pride" festival in Ohio?
(WARNING: The fliers in Ohio are real, but the rest is satire and should not be taken personally by anyone!) Fliers have appeared promoting the "Straight White Guy Festival" in Columbus, Ohio, but authorities have not been able to determine if the...
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T-Bob: Can you smell what the Saints are Brandin Cookin?
Hello, and welcome back, my friends! Gather 'round and let me tell you a story of how my loyal friend and compatriot Kristian Garic was able to solve my little problem that came up yesterday. Thanks to this age of technology that we live in, and...
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Steve: Saints rookie profiles - Khairi Fortt
When talking about the Saints 2014 draft class, it seems to me as if Fortt's name is often absent from the conversation. Folks are obviously excited about 1st-round pick Brandin Cooks and 2nd-rounder Stanley Jean-Baptiste. The potential of 5th round...
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Garland: If we want to 'close the border,' someone tell me how!
As the war over illegal immigration heats up, we hear more and more calls for "closing the border." These calls follow years of both sides saying we couldn't build a 650-mile fence on our southern border. So once again the question is; if we...
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Deke: Love him or hate him, Les Miles' greatness is undeniable
His teams are always "capable," his opponents are "always of quality," and his players enjoy the "want to win." Say what? Those are just a few of the things that we've heard come out of Les Miles. As he enters 10th season as head coach of the...
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Deke: Hokie says "that was the best Saints practice I've ever seen"
Saints practice moved quickly today, as the team had a longer than usual walk-through prior to stretching. "I thought today was the best practice I've seen under Sean Payton!" said Hokie Gajan. "It was fast paced, the practice was crisp, and I'd...
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Steve: The Byrdman is back!
The big news from Saints camp today was the return of safety Jairus Byrd from the physically unable to perform list. It was the first time anyone has seen him run drills with the team, as he missed all of organized team activities and minicamp after...
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