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NFL Network has Sean Payton as the 5th best coach in the league. Is that too low, too high or right on?
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"Sports Talk" with Bobby Hebert & Deke Bellavia
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Drunk or Kid
Yi! Today we're playing Drunk or Kid! This is a game that Slacker and Steve play when they feel the need to have a good ole' fashion competition! You will tell us a story of you doing something dumb that could correlate with being a child or drunk!...
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OPP: Disclose Eating Disorder
Yi! Nicole has had a struggle with weight in her past. She was overweight and decided it was time to change her appearance. She lost the weight due to an eating disorder. Now she is finally at a healthy weight and has a new boyfriend. She goes to a...
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GMD: Don't Want Bro in Wedding
Yi! Cynthia and Chris are about to take the plunge and get married! They want everyone at their wedding to be a good representation and supportive about what the entire day is about. There is one person who does not represent what marriage or...
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Ian: 4th of July parties everywhere you look this weekend
Go 4th on the River July 4 Downtown riverfront in New Orleans Put on your red, white and blue and hit the town Saturday at 9pm for one of the top 5 "must see fireworks" shows in America! It features synchronized fireworks between 2 dueling barges over...
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Steve: Pelicans sign two more
The Pelicans turned their attention to their two centers after securing Anthony Davis to a 5 year extension. First up was Alexis Ajinca who agreed to a 4 year $20 million deal with the team. He was very productive last season coming off the bench. Ajinca...
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What to Do with that Leftover Watermelon
Tomorrow's the 4th of July. There will be cookouts and gatherings, and lots of people bringing lots of food to other people's houses. Often, some people bring the same thing. So, what do you do with that extra watermelon after...
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Siri Gets Feisty
Aaron Paul's all over this one, and it's suddenly all the rage. The Breaking Bad star tweeted about something that seems to push Apple's digital assistant over the virtual brink. "What is zero divided by zero?" Technically,...
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The Return of Rocky
Just when you thought Rocky Balboa was down for the count, he's back. This time, he's playing the role of the crusty old trainer - the part Mickey played in Rocky's upbringing. And Rocky's trainee? The son of Apollo...
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"It's Centered on Love"
On MSNBC the other night, George Takei - best known as Ensign Sulu on the original Star Trek TV series - visited The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell to discuss marriage equality. George is a champion for gay rights, and Lawrence wanted to get...
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Hammertime, SketchShe Style
You've seen the girls of SketchShe before. It started a few months ago with their in-car rendition of "Bohemian Rhapsody." They lip-synched and acted out the song while driving along, sort of like in Wayne's World, but better. Now...
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