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Brees: Turnovers sank Saints in Kansas City, but offense has bright spots
The Saints had this one! Well they could have had it if not for two turnovers and 10 penalties! "The turnovers resulted in 10 or 14 point swings. We were 9 of 14 on third down here in K.C and that usually wins you a lot of games," Drew Brees...
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Kristian: This is the game that will haunt the Saints the rest of the season
First down: If the Saints finish the season 7-9 or 8-8 this season, there will be plenty of the "what if" scenario. What if the team had made one or two more plays in just two games? Heck, you won't even need that - it's not the Raiders game, or the...
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The Reason Kanye West Threatening To Boycott The Grammys
Kanye West is threatening to boycott the Grammy Awards. Why? Well, there are two reasons really. First there's Kanye's reason: He is disappointed that Frank Ocean wasn't nominated. The reason it wasn't nominated is because it...
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DJ Khaled Snapchats His Son's Birth
Typically we don't even hear about a celebrity baby's birth for at least a few days, but for DJ Khaled it was instant. He posted videos of most of the birth on Snapchat, only keeping a few things private. Don't worry if you feel like you...
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Justin Bieber Asks Crowd To Stop Screaming, Then This Happened
Justin Bieber apparently has a lot to say. He was performing in Manchester over the weekend, and when he kept trying to talk, the crowd kept screaming (with some booing mixed in). Eventually Bieber got frustrated, dropped the mic, and left! ...
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Deke: Saints' hot start fizzles in Kansas City
The Chiefs handled the Saints 27-21 - they have at least another two weeks in which they can possibly - and I say possibly - have another shot to get to five hundred. Standing with a 2-3 mark, the Saints went on the road to historic Arrowhead Stadium...
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Deke's College Football top ten, week nine
The Tide roll into their BYE week perfect. The Maize and Blue are peaking at the right time. The Huskies have a tough three game stretch forthcoming while Clemson might not even be the best set of Tigers in the nation right now with rising striped Cats...
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T-Bob: Fournette and Guice a deadly duo in LSU's smackdown on Ole Miss
In what was the most electric atmosphere in Tiger Stadium in over a year the LSU football team dominated the Ole Miss Rebels en route to a 38-21 victory. The Magic Man Coach Ed Orgeron continues to build his reputation and this team and fanbase's...
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Deke: Kansas City Chiefs will test Saints' mettle
OK simply put, if the Saints don't want to be delegated to scoreboard watching and hoping for other teams to lose in order for them gain ground, then getting to five hundred this week would aid in that rather meaningless stat! The KC Chiefs have...
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Seth's Week 7 NFL Picks & Predictions
We've completed the first third of the 2016 NFL season. Things we expected: · The Patriots are the league's best team · The Steelers have the league's most explosive offense (when healthy) · Odell...
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