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LeBron James is returning home to Cleveland. Are you happy for the Cavs or upset for the Miami Heat?
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Kristian: Flip a coin on Graham deal, according to Mortenson
The second biggest decision of the summer might be on the way - or it might not. Now that we know where Lebron James is going, what about Jimmy Graham and the Saints working out a deal before the July 15th deadline? "It's 50/50 at best - I'm...
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Paul: Explaining indoor relative humidity and why it matters
Relative humidity is the amount of moisture added to the air by one's sweaty, talkative kinfolk. Just kidding! In fact, relative humidity is the amount of moisture that is actually in the air compared to the amount it could hold (when the temperature...
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Deke: Top 5 college football teams for 2014
Everyone has their own predictions when it comes to college football, and I've jotted down who I think are the top five teams entering the 2014. It's hard to place an SEC Team atop of the poll simply due to the toughness of the conference, and how hard...
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Scoot: LeBron back to Cleveland - there's no place like home!
NBA star LeBron James announced he is returning home to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers. When LeBron left Cleveland for Miami, many Cavaliers fans felt like he was turning his back on the city in his home state. Not only did LeBron leave Cleveland, but...
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Deke: LeBron goes home - I am down with the King!
Websites crashed, Twitter blew up (and is still blowing up) and the once 150-1 odds for the Cleveland Cavaliers to win the 2015 NBA championship shrank down to 3-1. Yes, very few people in the world can ever and will ever matter as much as LeBron...
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Scoot: What America should learn about the border crisis
Republicans and President Obama using the humanitarian crisis at the U.S. border was part of our discussion last night on "The Scoot Show" on WWL, and today that became the focus of much of the daytime programming on CNN. As the crisis continues and with...
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Tom: Crawfish season is over
Q. I went to the seafood joint where I usually buy boiled crawfish, and I was shocked when he told me there were no more crawfish for this year. Is there a crawfish shortage? Was it because of the oil spill? A. No, the season for crawfish is...
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Kristian: Jimmy Graham not likely to appeal TE ruling
Saints tight end Jimmy Graham has until Monday to file an appeal of Steven Burbank's ruling last week that he is indeed a tight end for the purpose of a franchise tag salary. The appeal would be to a three person panel in the NFL; however, that...
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Scoot: Should Obama visit the border?
A humanitarian crisis continues at the U.S. border with the influx of thousands of illegal immigrants – many are unaccompanied children. President Obama and Republican lawmakers are blaming each other's party for the crisis. Today, President...
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Doug Sunseri: To Plea or Not to Plea - That Was the Question
Two years ago, former mayor Ray Nagin had the opportunity to plea to a lesser charge for his corruption charges arising while serving as Mayor of New Orleans. As a general principle, the United States criminal justice system will show mercy on a criminal...
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