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Is it fair to say that, in general, government employees seem less inspired than private sector employees in the workplace?
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"The Think Tank" with Garland Robinette
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Scoot: TSA report sheds light on incompetence in government
The investigation revealing that the TSA failed in 95% of the tests to sneak weapons through to board flights is a statement about the ineffectiveness of government. When I travel and witness the process of going through TSA, I get the feeling that...
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Steve: Pelicans fans haven't seen the last of Monty Williams
Pelicans fans will have good reason to boo Monty Williams now. He has joined the Thunder as new head coach Billy Donovan's top assistant. That's right, the man who knows every in & out of this current Pels roster will be aiding Western...
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"The Screen is Bigger, But Nothing is Better"
The new Entourage movie hits theaters on Friday. But if you believe the review in yesterday's New York Times, it could land with a thud. The Times reviewer, A.O. Scott, shows little mercy: "It's about Hollywood, which is to say about the...
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Stolen Thunder, Maybe?
Kim Kardashian took to Twitter today for a couple of f-bombing tweets. First, she was f-ing sick. Then she wanted a live-streaming website of her own so she can blast the f out of anyone talking s about her. Say what you will, but that was sort...
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Were These Comedies Written by Nostradamus?
So social media's been going wild these past couple of days about Bruce Jenner's transformation to Caitlyn Jenner. And yesterday, social media turned up a couple of references from television comedies that may have foreshadowed the...
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Say Whatabee?
Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee is a presidential candidate on the Republican side. Following the internet-breaking appearance of Caitlyn Jenner on the cover of Vogue earlier this week, someone dug up a video of the governor where he addresses...
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Next Up in the Octagon...
Be careful what you say, Shaquille O'Neal. During one of the NBA finals broadcasts, Shaq predicted that he could last 45 seconds with UFC fighter Ronda Rousey. In the Octagon. Turns out Shaq's got some training in MMA and Brazilian jiu...
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Caitlyn Jenner Breaks Twitter Record
Caitlyn Jenner - the transformed Bruce Jenner - joined Twitter on Monday. Within four hours and three minutes, she hit a million followers. At this writing, she has 2.4 million followers - and has only written four tweets. This is one of...
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Iggy Cancels Again
Iggy Azalea cancelled her "Great Escape" tour for a second time over the weekend. She says she needed a mental break, and was overwhelmed by trying to plan a national tour. Check out the story. While the tour is caput, a few single dates...
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LSU's Mainieri on SportsTalk: "Pitching wins championships"
Coach Paul Mainieri knows that this time of year, the teams that are clicking on all cylinders are the ones that get to Omaha, and the teams that are pitching the best are in that number. LSU got great pitching this past weekend in the Regional wins. ...
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