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The Britney Spears Biopic Has Cast Its Justin - See Him In Costume
Lifetime is making an unofficial movie about Britney Spears' life and casting is complete. Actor Nathan Keyes will play Justin Timberlake: The Britney Spears Lifetime Biopic Has Its Cast: See Nathan Keyes in Costume as Justin…...
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The Internet Loves It Joe Biden On Law And Order: SVU
Joe Biden appeared on Law & Order: SVU Wednesday night and the Internet loved it. OMG JOE BIDEN ON L&O: SVU 😝😝😝👏 — kevin (@kevingmurphy) September 29, 2016 *looks wistfully at Joe Biden as 2016 comes to a...
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Brees: Saints have a "great challenge before us"
With his Saints sitting at 0-3 for a second straight year, Drew Brees joined Bobby Hebert for his weekly "QB To QB" segment on WWL Radio. Brees started by talking about the team's third straight disappointing loss, a 45-32 drubbing at the hands of the...
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Kristian: Saints sign OL Khalif Barnes, are a tick healthier overall
The Saints need a W headed into the bye. As painful as it has been to watch the Saints get out of the gate with an 0-3 record, it would be even worse having to sit on a loss for two weeks during the bye following the game against San Diego. 1-3 during...
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Deke's SEC football rankings, week five
Alabama has one more easier one before a very tough stretch, the Vols have passed the first of four big tests, Texas A&M says don't mess with Texas - A&M that is! Ole Miss is still relevant and LSU has one of their own in charge of some desperate...
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"Go For Two" Episode 4: The Rise of the Eagles and Vikings
The NFC has been turned upside down with the Eagles and Vikings on top of the conference at 3-0. Can their success continue? Plus, should preseason favorites Arizona and Carolina be concerned? T-Bob and Seth break down all the week 3 action and...
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The Music Video You Should Avoid At All Costs
You've been warned - This is the latest "song" being passed around the internet. It's annoying, ridiculous and stunny (stupid-funny). Can't get this song out of my head now 😂 #PPAP #🖊🍍🍎🖊 (Credit:...
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VIDEO: James Corden Brings Back The Backstreet Boys
It's official! James Corden has the more fun at work than you and I ever will. James is bringing back "Boy Bands," and as you will see, he's talking traditional boy bands. He wanted matching outfits, synchronized dancing and waaaaay over...
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You Can Now Punch The Guy Who Jacked Up The Price Of AIDS Medication
I do not condone violence ... but this guy could use a punch in the face. Do you remember the name Martin Shkreli? He's the former CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals who jacked the price of an AIDS drug more than 50 times and was smug about it during...
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VIDEO: Man Proposing On Jumbotron Loses The Ring!
Tuesday night at Yankee Stadium a guy went to propose to his girlfriend - Then he dropped the ring! There was a "delay of game" until he eventually found it. I would have loved to see his heart rate while it was missing. The nerves of proposing, the...
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