"Double Coverage" with Kristian and T-Bob
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Tom Brady says he did nothing wrong in the Deflate Gate controversy. Do you believe him?
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"Double Coverage" with Kristian and T-Bob
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Kristian: Saints equipped to overcome adversity
Closing the book on Junior: As training camp opened today for the Saints, General Manager Mickey Loomis and Coach Sean Payton were pelted with questions regarding their recent decision to release outside linebacker Junior Galette. Mickey and Sean both...
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Creepy Clowns
YI! Coulrophobia, do you have it? An estimated 20-30 percent of the population is afraid of clowns. If you are in that percentage stay away from Chicago cemeteries! A man dressed in a clown costume broke into a Chicago cemetery and decided to give...
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Fire Stories
YI! Watch where your poop and make sure your poop isn't flammable! A man in Idaho destroyed 73-acres of land because after wiping, after a poop, he decided to burn his toilet paper. He thought he was doing the right thing but found out later it was a...
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OPP: Maid of Honor Take Back
YI! Carrie is in a huge dilemma and wants her 2,000 dollars back from her best friend! Recently, during the bridal and bachelorette party that Carrie threw for her friend who is about to tie the knot, too much information was said! They were playing...
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First Date Disasters
YI! First dates are tough to begin with but are harder when something goes majorly wrong like having to be airlifted by a helicopter! A California couple decided to take a hike for their first date. The man had a map that would lead them through the...
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Scoot: Can we admit we have a gun problem?
Can we admit we have a gun problem in America without freaking people out? Admitting we have a gun problem in America in no way threatens the 2nd Amendment. One of the most respected men in Louisiana, and arguably the country, retired U.S. Army Gen....
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Byrdman: Or (The Unexpected Injuries of a Saints safety)
When the Saints swooped in last offseason to sign the top free agent on the market, there wasn't a single soul who thought it was a bad decision. But now, in just year two of safety Jaruis Byrd's 6-year $54 million contract, doubt and concern have crept...
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Mission: Impossible Lip Sync Battle
Tom Cruise visited The Tonight Show the other night. I guess his purpose was to promote Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation, which opens this Friday nationwide But, he got engaged in a little battle with Jimmy Fallon. A lip sync battle, to be...
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Helen Mirren Cusses on Live TV
Helen Mirren was a guest on Good Morning, Britain yesterday - a wake-up-and-smile TV talk show. We have a few of them here in The States - perhaps you've heard of them? She's telling a story about going camping with then-boyfriend Liam...
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Let Them Drink Hype?
This could well be the strangest thing Kim Kardashian's done. I know, she's already set that bar pretty high, but this thing... Okay, it's a commercial/film for Hype energy drink. It starts with Double-K riding a bike with a basket...
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