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Should the Saints sign Drew Brees to a new deal before the season begins?
  Yes we need to lock him up now.
  Hell no...let's see how he plays this year first.
  Too late to worry about that now.
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"Sportstalk" with Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia
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Kristian: Saints offense shows spark at Tuesday practice
Offensive concern: The narrative quickly shifted after two preseason games from concern about the defense to the offense after mustering just 9 points in the loss to Houston last week. In particular, the concern focuses around the offensive line at...
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Ciara & Russell Wilson Canceled Original Wedding Plans Over This
They say you vote with your wallet and Ciara and Russell Wilson recently did just that with their elaborate wedding. The couple's wedding planner, Mindy Weiss, recently told The Knot that the wedding faced a number of delays, the first of which...
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Experts Tell You How To Be An Expert In Anything
This is the best scientific study you'll read all day because it tells you to take a nap! New research shows in high complexity jobs, like professional and sales roles, the top 10% produce 80% more than average, and 700% more than the bottom 10%....
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Demi Lovato Accused Of Stealing A Song
Demi Lovato is the latest celebrity accused of stealing a song. The group Sleigh Bells first accused Lovato more than nine months ago of jacking parts of "Infinity Guitars" in her song "Stars." Sleigh Bells has now filed a federal complaint naming...
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Kristian: Are you more concerned about Saints O-Line or defense?
Ohhhhh-Line: Did you watch or listen to the Saints vs Texans preseason game on Saturday night? If you did you would walk away questioning the offense, not the defense. The offensive line in particular struggled in the running the football and...
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Ryan Lochte's Sponsors Are Dropping Like Speedos
You have to wonder what was going through Ryan Lochte's head when he decided to lie about what happened in Rio. He wasn't being talked about much before the incident (headlines were being filled by Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky). Today...
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T-Bob: Who are LSU's most irreplaceable players?
The question of who LSU's most irreplaceable player is seems to be obvious. As with almost any question about this LSU team, the answer is Leonard Fournette. However, if you take Fournette out the picture, than the conversation becomes much more...
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Disco Shoes At The Olympics? Shut Up And Take My Money!
The Rio Olympics were dominated by many teams, but Great Britian scored GOLD in the fashion games. They caused quiet a stir with their disco shoes at the Rio closing ceremonies - yes, plain red shoes that lit up red, white, and blue on the bottom. ...
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Backstreet Boys Creator Dies In Prison
The man who brought back the boy band - 'N Sync, the Backstreet Boys, and O-Town - died Friday in prison. According to reports, Lou Pearlman was serving a 25-year sentence for his role in a $300 million Ponzi scheme when he died of unknown causes at...
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New Information In Prince's Overdose Investigation
Prince died on April 21st of this year, and officials are still investigating the cause of death which is believed to be an accidental Fentanyl overdose. Mixed in with the pills taken from his estate were counterfeit drugs (labeled as something...
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