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Posted: Thursday, 03 October 2013 6:06AM

New innovative way to grocery shop may be coming soon

It's been a hit in Europe and now the first new way to shop for groceries in decades is hitting this side of the pond. 

We buy just about everything over the Internet, so why not groceries? 

Some American grocers are testing the concept that's been working well in France and Great Britain called Click n' Collect, and Amazon is reportedly also looking at moving into perishables.  Most U.S. test markets are on the East Coast, and they allow people to choose a one hour window to collect their bags from a convenient location, like a gas station.

Here in New Orleans we haven't been able to find any grocers offering it yet, but some local shoppers say they really like the concept of ordering online and picking up the bags at a collection center.  "I think if you're on the Internet, it's a great and if you don't have a lot of time, it's perfect.  But I'm not that shopper, I like to look," one woman shopping at a local grocery store told me. 

Others say they just enjoy browsing, and they like to be out with people.  One man says, "That's too impersonal.  I'd rather just go to the store myself and do it."

Those who like the idea say it's the height of convenience, and it may cut down on their impulse purchases.  As this woman put it, "It definitely eliminates temptation, but that maybe wouldn't be good for the store."

Grocers say they save money by not having to operate a full store.

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