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Angela Hill: The Fight For Animal Welfare is Strong & Loud

angela@wwl.com - 10.2.13   I was an animal lover long before I came to New Orleans. My mother and I would pick up strays before I knew what the words spay and neuter meant.  Actually, back then the words spay and neuter were probably whispered…like when your grandmother whispered “cancer.”
But just as the fight against cancer has raised the decibel of millions of voices who want a solution…the fight for animal welfare is strong and loud.  Spay and neuter is the mantra to solve so many problems.  You cut overpopulation…you cut the tragedy of abandonment and euthanasia.  It may not solve the issues of animal neglect and cruelty, but to stop the endless unnecessary death is  a major victory.
In 2005 before Hurricane Katrina, I did a story for WWL-TV about the rate of euthanasia in a five parish area…Orleans, Jefferson, St. Bernard, St. Charles and St Tammany. The shelters reported in the year 2004 collectively 32 thousand dogs and cats had been euthanized…32 thousand…in one year!  The reason I did that story was because the numbers were actually down… and we were looking at why.
Since Katrina the story is very different. There is still overpopulation.  There is still euthanasia, but much less….and that is a huge victory.  A victory  thanks to an army of people who  day in and day out fight in the trenches…do the dirty work…and get the job done of making the lives of animals better in our community.
Click HERE to listen to my conversation today with Animal Rescue of New Orleans CEO Charlotte Bass, SPCA Executive Director Anna Zorilla, Spaymart President Lynn Chiche and Jefferson Feed General Manager Lynn Morvant about animal adoptions

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10/03/2013 5:52PM
Angela Hill: The Fight For Animal Welfare is Strong & Loud
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10/03/2013 6:45PM
32,000 euthanized?!?
OMG! Who knew the problem was so bad before Katrina. Glad to hear it's gotten better. It probably has a lot to do with all the animals that died before and after Katrina. I'm sure the army of good citizens who took up the spay/neuter cause helped and all the work throughout the country on social media. Thanks, Angela for taking up a cause that matters to so many.
10/04/2013 12:41PM
Prioritize life.
Why is it we get so upset with the lives of dogs and cats, yet the lives of the unborn of our own species is none of our business. I grew up with a dog, but a dog is still a dog and a cat is still a cat.
10/09/2013 1:11PM
Hey, you...'prioritize'...yeah, you
...go find an article of the subject with which you want to debate...'cause this 'ain't' it! Angela's article has to do with animals and all the related issues thereof...of which pet overpopulation IS a human problem. Humans are the only ones who can spay/neuter/advocate for same...and get it down. Go troll elsewhere. Angela, carry on! SO happy you are on the air at WWL radio!
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