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Posted: Thursday, 26 September 2013 6:33AM

Survey: Americans say rudeness has risen to crisis levels

The Civility in America 2013 survey is out and the amount of people who say rudeness has hit crisis levels in this country comes in at 70%.

Civility in America continues to erode and rude behavior is becoming our "new normal," according to the fourth annual nationwide study conducted by global public relations firm Weber Shandwick and public affairs firm Powell Tate in partnership with KRC Research.

I hit the streets downtown to ask local folks if they agree that incivility has reached crisis levels, and I was pleasantly surprised by how polite most people were with my pestering questions!  Even though many locals agree with the survey results, quite a few believe it's much better in the New Orleans area, and in the South in general.

As one man put it, "I believe these are people who live outside of Louisiana.  If they come to Louisiana they'll think differently."  A woman in the CBD says, "I would have to agree with that.  I'm actually from California and I moved to New Orleans because people are so sociable here.  My favorite metaphor is, to be standing in an elevator with somebody and they're not speaking to you.  They're standing right next to you, but we still, in our society, look down and pretend nobody is there.  In New Orleans it's different.  People are much more different here and I appreciate the friendliness."  She says after two years in the Crescent City she's decided to plant roots right here.

But others expressed concern about what happens on the Internet, as a woman told me she's had to block "friends" on Facebook due to rudeness and a local man worries about cyberbullying, because he thinks it's bigger than ever and "Can have a much worse impact than bullying face-to-face."

The survey found 24% of respondents have experienced cyberbullying and 19% of parents say they've transferred their children to a different school because of it.

Overall, 95% of respondents "Believe we have a civility problem in America..and 81% think it's leading to an increase in violence."

Click here for the "Civility in America 2013"

Photo by Dennstedt Fredcamino via Creative Commons.

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