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Posted: Wednesday, 25 September 2013 3:25PM

Chief Serpas: 'We are hiring every single day'

New Orleans Police are making a recruiting push, as attrition costs the department seasoned officers. NOPD Superintendent Ronal Serpas gave the city council's criminal justice committee an update today.

Serpas told the council they have been working hard to convince people to take up the badge, and serve and protect.

"We've corresponded with more than 200 candidates through email, we have online ads on social media and jobs web sites," the chief said. But he also cautioned that most of those people won't make the cut.

"For every 100 people we take a look at, we'll end up hiring about ten percent of those people, so it further makes the point that the online campaign and other campaigns have to push a bunch of people into the front of this process," he told the committee.

On the bright side, he said every mention of recruiting brings applicants to them.

"People who want to be police officers are listening to us now saying, 'we're doing a hire.' You can't say that enough," Serpas said. "The mayor says it, we all need to say it, we are hiring every single day here."

The chief told the council that the department currently has 1,211 officers. He said that number is more like more like 1,111 when you take into account officers on leave for various reasons, whether it's medical leave, military leave, administrative leave or just time off. Serpas said they're budgeted for 1,260, although ideally they would like to add hundreds more to that number.

More information on how to join the NOPD can be found at joinnopd.org.

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