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Posted: Friday, 20 September 2013 6:08AM

New Orleanians embrace electronic encounters

Have phone calls fallen from favor as a form of communication?

WWL First News took the streets of the CBD to find out if folks now prefer an email or text over a good old fashioned phone call.  

As most of the folks we found downtown were business people, their comments concerned mostly business transactions.

And emails were heavily favored over a phone chat.

"It's more accessible."  

"It's just easier to address the issue on my time line and make sure that I do respond."

"Well, with the email, you get a chance to think about what your response is going to be. As opposed to when you're on the phone, you might say something that you really shouldn't."

"Email is quicker and I can answer it in private if I'm in a public setting."

"It's just easier and convenient and I can respond to it succinctly."

"With an email, I can think about my response to a question."

But, for personal communication, the phone call is still...well, more personal.

"Yes, it's more intimate."

"I use emails all the time, but I'd much rather talk to someone."

"I think email is too impersonal."

"Phone calls...I love talking to people."

"Phone call. It's more personal. And, it's too easy to be lied to in an email."

Some have concerns about security.

"With emails, they can track you."

And some won't call or text.

"Neither, actually, neither. I'm face-to-face when it come to interaction. That's what I prefer."

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