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Posted: Tuesday, 17 September 2013 6:06AM

Study: Despite hookup culture, sex not prevalent on campuses

Are college campuses today just sexual playgrounds fueled by today's hookup culture among young people?

Not so much, says a new study from the University of Portland.  They find it's really not any more prevalent than it was a generation ago.

Click here for more on the study from the American Sociological Association.

"College kids are more educated, more affluent, and may not be indicative of all kids that age," says Dr. Martin Drell, Professor and Head of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at LSU Health Sciences Center.

But hooking up, or casual sex outside a serious relationship is much more prevalent this study finds.

"Hooking up is a reality.  I see a lot of college kids in my practice and there is a certain more informality to sexuality now, for some of the kids," Dr. Drell says.

While 25 years ago some kids may have been stressed about their virginity, some of these kids now have anxiety about he says is whether they're are ever going to find intimacy.  "And whether the person is ever going to have a relationship with them, like them and respect them."

Photo by Mike Baird, licensed via Creative Commons

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