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Posted: Monday, 16 September 2013 6:09AM

Downtown New Orleans will soon boast a new upscale development

Downtown New Orleans will take another step into the future with the new South Market District, with the groundbreaking  today for the new mixed-use, transit-oriented development. 

South Market will combine first-class  apartments with upscale retail, restaurants and entertainment venues near Loyola and Girod.  "Our objective was to create a modern neighborhood with the human-scale, the walkability and the charm that makes New Orleans one of the world's great cities," says Kurt Weigle, Downtown Development District President.  "And so what it will do is really create at least the core, the beginnings, of a brand new neighborhood in that part of downtown."

The Paramount, located right off the Loyola streetcar line, is the first mixed-use building to be built. 

The South Market District is going to be upscale, contemporary, take up four square city blocks and officials say it promises to transform that area into a vibrant mixed-use center, restoring New Orleans as one of the premier shopping and entertainment districts in the country. 

It's aimed at the people being lured to the city by the creative media and biomedical industries.

Weigle says they've done their research and this is what their target market wants; the ability to walk out of their apartment and grab a new pair of jeans, a gallon of milk or dinner at a fancy restaurant.

And enjoy a lot of outdoor living space.  "One of the things we talk about at the DDD," says Weigle, "Is the need for what we refer to 'third spaces.'  They're not home, they're not office, they're somewhere in between."

The work will activate Girod Street from Loyola Avenue to O'Keefe Avenue officials say, by creating a more pedestrian-friendly thoroughfare that will serve as the heart of the district.

Click here for more on the South Market District.

(Artist's rendering courtesy Peter Mayer Advertising)

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