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Posted: Friday, 13 September 2013 6:36AM

Cops: student simulates blowing away classmates

A video that disturbed many parents has landed a student at a Terrebonne parish high school in trouble with the law.  It started with a smart phone app that lets you overlay a first-person-shooter video game over video you take with your phone.

The app lets the user turn video into a game where the player can shoot what's on screen.  So when the teenager in question used video he shot at school, of his classmates, then uploaded it to YouTube, the law got involved.

"He said he's been bullied at school for a while and just was tired of it, and I guess that's the way he was dealing with the frustration," said Major Malcom Wolfe with the Terrebonne Sheriff's office.  "He did say he had no intention of going to school and hurting anyone, and did not realize the severity of this."

Nevertheless, the teen is now facing charges of terrorizing and interference with school operations.

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