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Posted: Wednesday, 11 September 2013 6:59AM

Video promotes New Orleans red light cameras

A new promotional video touts the controversial red light and speeding cameras in New Orleans. 

The city of New Orleans and American Traffic Solutions, the company that runs the camera system produced the video that is out today.

"The evidence is indisputable," the announcer says.  "The city of New Orleans Road Safety Camera Program is changing driver behavior."

"This public safety initiative, entirely funded by drivers who disobey the law, is helping to reduce serious collisions and helping to save lives."

"The red light camera program has definitely caused drivers to slow down," New Orleans EMS Deputy Chief Ken Bouvier says in the video.

NOPD Lt. Anthony Micheu says, "The camera system is vital... it gives an extra set of eyes and evidence... if we can save one life with any of these cameras placed, we do believe that is an effective tool."

You can see the video below:

Critics call the cameras a cash grab worth millions to the company and the city, and they say the video is designed to sway public opinion and help keep the funds flowing.

The cameras are set at many intersections and in many school zones.

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