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Posted: Tuesday, 10 September 2013 4:40AM

Pet owners have another choice when it comes to neutering a dog

It's a dilemma some dog owners face; whether to neuter a male dog or not. 

Well, there's now a third option.

It's chemical castration and it's nicknamed "Zeutering," named after the drug that's used in the procedure.

With this method, the veterinarian injects Zeuterin into the dog's reproductive organs, which does not involve heavy anesthetics and leaves the dog intact.  But there are drawbacks says Dr. Wendy Wolfson with the LSU Veterinary School.  "If you're looking for a dog that's not humping the pillows, that's not running loose to chase the females in heat in the neighborhood, a dog that won't constantly lift its leg and mark its territory, this may not be the product for you."

But on the other hand some owners may like it because there is no surgery and "Also for a lot of people who don't like to see their male dogs without their parts dangling," says Dr. Wolfson, "It still allows retention of male parts."

But she warns owners "It's not without side effects."

The best applications might be in poorer countries that have little access to health care she says and a great way to keep down the canine population in those places.

She says a dog in the U.S. must be identified as having had the procedure and she recommends microchipping the animal.

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