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Posted: Thursday, 05 September 2013 9:42AM

Growing number of Americans do not get paid vacation

Could paid vacation become a thing of the past?  New analysis shows more people are not making money when they take time off.

The federal report says the number of Americans who don't get paid vacation has increased by five percent in recent years. 

Tulane Business Professor Mark Rosa says the recession gets some blame and he expects even more companies to drop paid vacation as health care costs increase.

"Businesses are running leaner and meaner than they used to and that's been since the credit crisis in 2008. We add on top of that the reports of what the affordable care act, better known as Obamacare, is going to do to full-time employees," Rosa explained. 

Right now nearly a quarter of Americans do not get paid vacation.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says 77% of American workers do get paid while on vacation, but that's a five-percent decrease from 20 years ago.

"A lot of private employers had to grab the low hanging fruit first to save some money as their businesses were under recessionary pressure," Rosa said.
He thinks the percentage of workers who receive a paid vacation will likely continue to decrease.

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