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Poll: Majority of Louisiana voters say legalize pot

A new poll find most Louisiana voters want to see pot legalized.  The survey from Public Policy Polling shows 53% support for making marijuana legal for adults 21 and older.  

The ACLU of Louisiana says it shows growing support for taxed and regulated weed.

"People understand that criminalizing marijuana has wasted public funds, has not made anyone safer, and that marijuana is not the danger it was thought to be," said Executive Director Marjorie R. Esman said in a news release.  "Despite last session's failure to pass a bill to reform marijuana sentencing (HB 103), marijuana law reform is coming to Louisiana. Voters in this state are in agreement with the rest of America that marijuana should be taxed and regulated."

She says Public Policy Polling surveyed a representative sampling of Louisiana registered voters to gauge views on marijuana.

Esman shared some of the other findings.

"Only 37% were opposed to legalization, while 10% weren't sure. Louisianans across the state were in support, with every region supporting the measure by at least 50%.  Moreover, of those voters identifying themselves as 'very conservative,' 51% said they would support this measure."

The poll was conducted in July and released today.

Read the full results by clicking here...

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