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Posted: Friday, 23 August 2013 4:36AM

Study: People who use marijuana are less aggressive

A new study on marijuana seems to prove, once and for all, that people who use the drug are less aggressive, even helping users to get along with people better.

Click here for the full study.

While those are desirable outcomes Dr. Peter Winsauer, Professor of Pharmacology at the LSU Health Sciences Center School of Medicine says as in all things in science, "It's not that simple. Marijuana and the cannabinoids compounds that have been used, and discovered in recent years, have both positive and negative effects."

But these finding, published by the journal Neuropharmacology, he says can potentially help with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and there have been other discoveries at LSU Health Sciences Center leading to possible marijuana treatments for MS and HIV, where the benefits outweigh the many negative effects of the drug..

But smoking it he says is not the best delivery method. "Ideally we would administer it in another form, other than smoking." He says smoke in the lungs can cause a whole host of other issues.

(photo from Louisiana State Police)

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