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Posted: Wednesday, 21 August 2013 6:12AM

Louisiana the drunkest?

According to data gathered by Survey Monkey for Business Insider Magazine, Louisiana is the drunkest state in the nation. The same poll found that Americans feel Alabama is the ugliest state and Mississippi is the dumbest. Business Insider's Walter Hickey says respondents felt that we really like to drink in Louisiana.

"You folks are the drunkest...scoring 11% of the vote," Hickey said.

Hickey says the results of the survey were not only hilarious but also informative and are very telling of the dynamic between states. He says Louisiana also got high marks in other areas, "You guys had very good food..you were ranked just behind New York and California when it comes to best food in the nation. You folks also have one of the weirdest accents trailing only behind Massachusetts."

Hickey says New York was the most arrogant and rudest state. Georgia was labeled the nicest and Massachusetts the smartest. California earned several distinctions on the list including most overrated, craziest, best looking and favorite.

So what was the least favorite state in the nation according to the survey?

"That was Texas by a huge margin," says Hickey. "20% of the people said they would want to kick Texas out of America...followed by California, Florida and Mississippi."

Respondents were not allowed to vote on their own state.

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