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Posted: Sunday, 18 August 2013 9:43AM

Louisiana tied for fattest state in the country

A survey from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found that nearly 35-percent of Louisiana adults are obese.

LSU obesity expert, Dr. George Bray, says the CDC report is not surprising, but at least the percentage of obese adults is no longer rising.

"The trends seem to have leveled off some over the last few years," says Bray. "But we've leveled off at very high rate and it's a little distressing for all of us interested in solving the problem."

Bray says states that have a higher percentage of obese adults usually have higher poverty rates. He says that's because inexpensive foods tend to have a lot of sugar and fat.

"Sugar and fat, as food commodities, are very cheap. We subsidize them by the federal government, so you might wonder whether the government isn't actually subsidizing the obesity epidemic."

Bray says it's a very serious issue. He says health care costs are much higher for states that have an obesity problem.

"The diabetes it produces, the kidney disease, the arthritis...are going to cripple our health care system in a serious way in the future if we can't reverse the problem before that happens."

Louisiana is tied with Mississippi for the most obese states in the country.

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