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Posted: Thursday, 08 August 2013 11:42AM

Causeway traffic returns to pre-Katrina levels

It's a sign life is returning to normal in the New Orleans area -- after nearly eight years, traffic across the Causeway bridge has returned to pre-Katrina levels.

That means a decrease in Causeway crossings, and as a result, a slight drop in overall revenue.

"A good number of people relocated to the Northshore for a couple of years, and that was actually a bump in revenues," said Causeway general manager Carlton Dufrechou.  He said it appears more and more people have returned to the Southshore, and more businesses are opening Northshore offices.

Toll collections are down roughly $200,000 as a result, Dufrechou said.  The Causeway Commission recently approved a budget of slightly less money than the year before.

Dufrechou says they're still doing the best they can to make sure travelers get across the 26-mile bridge safely and relatively hassle-free.

"We're doing everything we can to actually make the commutes more effective," Dufrechou said.  He said that includes a project to re-stripe the bridge, upgrade the electronic message signs and maintain the approach roads on the Mandeville side.

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