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Hokie's Call - Thursday, Aug 7

Following practice, I talked to our resident pro Hokie Gajan about the tough breaks for the Black & Gold:

Hokie said that it was a tough day for the Saints "I tell you, the injury bug has hit us.  All teams go through this kind of stuff.  That does not make things any easier."

Hokie talked about the Saints losing another big off season pick-up in DE Kenyon Coleman.  "Rob Ryan is going to have to reshuffle the deck.  We knew that Vic Butler was brought here to rush the passer.  And Kenyon Coleman was brought in to stop the run.  Now, both of those guys are out.  We were counting on those guys and now somebody else has to step up."

The Saints did install some goal line packages this morning in preparing for the first pre-season game Friday night against the KC Chiefs, according to Hokie.  He said that the goal line work was not live during the team period.

Also, Hokie noted that in nine-on-seven drills the Saints offense ran the ball well.  "We've seen a lot of aggressive play from the defense and we've seen more of a commitment to rushing the football.  I would expect both of those things to continue in the games."
As for Thursday, Hokie said he expects the Saints to have a light practice tomorrow before their first game Friday night.  "It will be a typical day before a game practice.  They (Saints) will go over all the things they want to work on in the game.  They will make sure that everyone knows which special team they will be on.  It's kind of like a dress rehearsal."                                                                                

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