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Posted: Wednesday, 07 August 2013 7:10AM

Edwin Edwards turns 86, talks about new baby

Today is convicted former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edward's 86th birthday.  All the controversy surrounding his getting out of prison, marrying a much younger woman, and having a baby last week does not appear to be dampening the former four term governor's spirits.

"I don't have any complaints. Although most people at my age are looking for a nursing home rather than a nursery, I'm very happy that my new baby is gonna give me a renewed vigor and interest in life," Edwards said.

Edwards wife, Trina Scott Edwards, celebrates her 35th birthday next week.

Their baby, Eli Wallace Edwards, was born last week.  Edwards says his first four children were born when he was a very young man, and when he was very busy.

"I feel at my age, I'm semiretired...and I now realize more than ever the value of life and the happiness that his baby has brought to me. And I'm loving it," said Edwards.

Listen to Edwards:

Eli is Edwards' fifth child and his wife's third. The couple celebrated their 2 year wedding anniversary on July 29th.

"I couldn't be more pleased with myself," he insisted.  "I feel good, I don't have any complaints."

Edwards says they are all still busy working on their new reality show, "The Governor's Wife" which was supposed to air this summer. He says A&E decided to wait until Eli was born, so they could get video of the baby.  He hopes the premier will air this fall.

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