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Posted: Wednesday, 31 July 2013 5:52PM

Q&A with Saints QB Ryan Griffin

New Orleans Saints Quarterback Ryan Griffin
Post-Practice Media Availability
July, 31, 2013

Head Coach Sean Payton called today your best practice yet. Would you agree with that?

“I thought it was a good practice overall for the whole team. A lot of guys lined up right and did a good job with the assignments. I don't think it was just mine. I think it was everyone’s.”

It looked like moving up to the third team agreed with you?

“Seneca (Wallace) didn't practice today so I was able to get some more reps. It was just good to get out there and learn some more and get better.”

It kind of looked like for some of the passes you threw today, some of them were under pressure when you hit those deep balls but you looked like you were anticipating things more and you have to be able to have that speed at this level wouldn't you agree?

“Definitely. At this level, the windows are smaller and the margin for error is smaller. A lot of it is post-practice work. He (Sean Payton) has been doing a great job of getting us out there and throwing extras. That’s where it comes from.”

Did the ball that was picked off sail on you a little bit?

“I was trying to fit it in a tight window and the safety (Rafael Bush) made a great play. I should have gotten my eyes on him immediately and I didn't.”

Are you feeling more comfortable?

“Day-by-day. It’s definitely a process. I’m just trying to come out and get better every day.”

It seems like you’re really poised out there because I know at times a quarterback can get frustrated. Does any of that have to do with the adversity you faced at Tulane?

“I think a lot of that just has to do with practice. You try and anticipate things that are not going to happen and you try to anticipate things going wrong. A lot of it comes from that but me and Jeremiah (Warren) have been getting together after practice, before practice, before walkthroughs, and after walkthroughs. Today was perfect. We didn't have one missed snap. There was just one confusion with the snap count. Every day we are coming out, getting better, and trying to get it right.”

How similar is this offense to Tulane’s?

“The terminology's pretty much the same. Obviously, we weren't able to do as much at Tulane as we are here but having the terminology be pretty similar is a big help.”

Does that make it a little bit easier to adjust to the pro game and how are you adjusting?

“The terminology being the same helps because usually that is the first thing you have to memorize and get in. I kind of got a jump start on it so I was very fortunate.”

Coach Payton said that the thing he was most impressed with was not only making the throws but the protection calls. How important is that at this level?

“Coach (Rob) Ryan definitely brings the heat, so you need to find where the pressure is and pick it up. That’s not me. That’s the center and the offensive line. I thought we communicated very well today.”

When you have a good day at practice, is it rewarding in the grind of training camp?

“Definitely. You always enjoy having a good day. There’s more autographs to sign so it’s just fun but you can’t get high and low. You have to stay pretty even.”

At this point, do you feel like you are doing everything that is necessary to earn a place on this team or even the practice squad?

“That’s not up to me. I’m just trying to come out here and get better every day. That’s the coaches’ decision (roster decisions), so I am just going to worry about what I can control and come out and give my best.”

Do you feel like you are doing the things you can control correctly?

“I think its (a) process day by day. You have to come out and work at it. Extra work in the film room and studying your plays in the playbook (are a big part of it).”

As far as the young receivers, which one of them has impressed you the most?

“I think all of our receivers are doing great. We have 12 receivers from 12 to one, any team across the league would love to have. I think they are all doing a great job and I am really excited to get out and start working with them in preseason games.”

Speaking of young receivers, you had a nice connection with Saalim Hakim that ended up going for a big gain. Just talk about what you saw on that play and what the coverage was giving you.

“Saalim is a very fast guy. I think he ran a 4.2. I knew when he was running a post or a go he was always an option. He was able to slip past the defense and get out there. I was trying to get him the ball. It was a little under thrown but he made a nice play.”

Is this really the first time that you have had to fight for a spot on the team like this?

“There’s always competition at any level. When I was at Tulane, there was defiantly a competition with guys that came in every year. I don't know if that’s the case. I think it’s been the same ever since I got to Tulane. It’s a very high level and there are a lot of guys you are competing with.”

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