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Posted: Tuesday, 30 July 2013 4:20AM

Time of year many parent's dread as they hunt for school supplies.

With schools locally set to open over the next few weeks, parents are deep into back to school shopping.

The National Retail Federation expects spending for the annual event to fall this year, saying the average last year was $688, but parents report they'll be spending about $50 less this year.

Click here for more from the NRF.

But I couldn't find any local parents who says they'll be spending less. "More!" was a common answer to that question during an informal, unscientific survey in downtown New Orleans.

Parents tell me this is an expensive excursion because there's so much to get, with one exclaiming that an elementary school student of his is required to get card stock. "You know what that is? That is $18, damn expensive," he laughingly told me.

Is it getting more expensive? "Oh yes, uniforms, school supplies, seems like it's getting higher every year!"

Parents tell me this annual ritual is turning into quite the adventure, as some stores are selling out of required items. A father told me he's also spending extra on gas, "It's costly, but you got to have it. And a lot of time you go to the stores to get the supplies and it's hard to find because everybody needs the same thing."

Not one told me they can get away with spending less this year.

This weekend the state has a tax free shopping weekend for back to school supplies.

Click here for more info from the state on the sales tax holiday.

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