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Posted: Monday, 29 July 2013 7:20AM

Group calls news conference in wake of resident shooting teen in the Marigny

One black activist group is calling a news conference in the Marigny tonight to discuss a resident shooting an unarmed teen.  Brothers Against Crime, however, is not angry after a white man shot and critically wounded the 14-year-old, black child.

"We will issue a call for unity and not a rush to judgment over the recent shooting of 14-year-old Marshall Coulter by home owner Merritt Landry," said the group's organizer.

He calls himself Captain Black.

"Instead of turning against each other, we need to try and unite," he told WWL First News.  "Focus on common issues of public safety."

Captain Black says at a time when people could be driving wedges, they need to be coming together.

"Recent events like the George Zimmerman acquittal... and other political issues promise to raise tensions within our community. This press conference, along with other upcoming efforts, are steps to relive, not inflame, these tensions," he explained. 

He also raised concerns about a lack of good parenting.

"The young man was 14 years old, two o' clock in the morning, with a record of burglary.  Regrettable that's not uncommon in our community," Captain Black explained.

New Orleans police arrested the shooter on a charge of attempted 2nd degree murder.

"Investigators say 33-year-old Merritt Landry (above) fired one shot at the teenager, who was in Landry's front yard near his vehicle on Mandeville Street at around 2 this morning.  The teen was wounded in the head," NOPD Spokeswoman Remi Braden said in a news release.  "After a thorough review of crime scene evidence, as well as the evaluation of multiple interviews, Landry has been booked."

At last report the teen was in critical condition

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