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Posted: Thursday, 25 July 2013 12:19PM

What Mike Detillier is looking for at Saints Camp

NFL Analyst Mike Detillier stopped by Sports Talk to chat with Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia on the eve of Saints Training Camp.  
Mike says on the offensive side of the ball, there’s just a couple of questions to be settled.

“First of all, this team’s going to win on offense.   I mean, you’ve built with one of the top offenses in football, and you still have Drew Brees, basically at the prime of his career.  So, my concern is protection, and that means left tackle,” Detillier said.  “I think that is the spot offensively that I want to watch.  In essence, it’s Charles Brown’s job to lose!  It’s his job.  He’s talented enough to win that spot, but will he still be there?  He’s like a boxer, will he still be there in round 11, round 12, and you don’t know that…So for that, for me, is the concern.”   

Click HERE to listen to Bobby & Deke’s full Q&A with Mike Detillier…

Mike says the only other concern he has about the Saints offense at this point of preseason is the ‘nuke factor’ as it applies to one player in particular.

“The game today is ‘keep-away,’ the game is getting extended now more and more plays, you’re keeping the defense out on the team and wearing them down…but every once in a while, you’ve got to drop the ‘nuke’ on them.  And, is Joe Morgan going to be that nuke player, that guy who can stretch a defense, make a big play for you to get a quick score, and put 7 up on the board?  Can he do that on a consistent basis, and will, mentally, he pick up some of the things he’s had difficulty with?”

What’s Mike’s take on the Saints defense heading into camp?

“I hear it said, the same as last year, “we’re going to be aggressive,” Detillier told us.  “In this league, it’s all about talent on defense, and how well you can utilized that talent, the talents you have.  This team has a good set of young defensive players to build upon.  They do NOT have an ace pass rusher…but you’ve got a lot of young kids, that maybe you can piece this together.  When you saw the development of Cameron Jordan last year, you’ve got Akiem Hicks, John Jenkins the rookie…Patrick Robinson, who in 2011 really played well down the stretch…Corey White, who I think is a really good young player at the CB position, along with the two veterans who you know what you’re going to get from, Curtis Lofton and Jabari Greer.  So, I’m interested in seeing that mix of how Rob can get them to play as a group, to get them to believe in what he’s doing will put them in the right spot to make a play, and their ability to get off the field on third down. 

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