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Posted: Thursday, 25 July 2013 7:42AM

Jindal last in GOP poll

A new poll of possible Republican White House contenders for 2016 ranks Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal tied for last place. The survey was done by McClatchy-Marist Research, and shows only 1% of respondents would vote for Jindal.

University of Louisiana Political Science Professor Joshua Stockley says it's clear Jindal has work to do, if he wants to be President.

The poll shows New Jersey Governor Chris Christie leading possible GOP candidates, with Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio rounding out the top 3. Jindal is tied for last with New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez.

Stockley says there is still plenty of time for Jindal to make course corrections. Stockley feels Jindal's Politico op-ed piece last month was poorly received by Republicans and Democrats.  It criticized liberal values, while taunting conservatives to "put on their big boy pants" and stop "bed-wetting."

The poli sci professor says Jindal needs a more focused message to voters, if he actually does wish to run for President in 2016.

Jindal has not expressed any official interest in that race.

He recently joked with a gathering of Republicans that he had a chance to talk with President Obama, "I told the president, 'I want to be clear - I've got no plans to run for president.  I mean come on, what chance does a skinny guy with a dark complexion and a funny name have to get elected President of the United States?' "

Meanwhile Jindal continues traveling across the country to GOP events.  Click here for more about his latest trip...

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