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Posted: Wednesday, 24 July 2013 5:48AM

Survey: What does it take for you to feel wealthy?

A new survey from UBS Investor Watch shows feeling wealthy today "isn't just about having a certain amount of money."

Most millionaires do not consider themselves to be wealthy says UBS, but when they've accumulated five million dollars in investable assets, 60% start identifying themselves as feeling wealthy.

The number one answer from survey respondents is not having financial constraints on their activities.

Click here for more on the UBS survey about wealth.

I talked to local folks about what is the definition of wealth today in an informal survey and it isn't always just about having a certain amount of money as some say wealth is when you don't have to work any longer or it's measured in intangibles, like their measure of spirituality, which, as one woman puts it "So I would say that I am wealthy." Another woman says "It means your wealthy in spirit, heart and soul...and in the city of New Orleans!"

Another woman says it means, "Not to have worries, not to have to stress over bills. It just means to be able to take care of myself and being able to shop!"

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