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Posted: Tuesday, 23 July 2013 4:35AM

Study: Attractive people are treated better at work

A new study by researchers from Notre Dame and Michigan State University seems to prove that your looks play a huge role in how you are treated at work.

They looked at a wealth of previous studies and then conducted their own survey with health care workers and found people with so-called disagreeable attitudes or unattractive looks were treated rudely, in a hurtful manner or made fun of.

Click here for the study.

I asked people in downtown New Orleans why looks matter so much. A woman told me, "That's just human nature. That's not way it should be, but that's the way too many of us think." Another woman said, "That's how we shop. We shop for what's better, what's more pricey, so when you see something that's better looking, you think it's better." And a man said, "We're always taught that beauty if better."

These researchers concluded, "A wealth of research has indicated that beauty is a socially valued characteristic."

This new study shows those who are unattractive face a host of negative consequences, and they aren't much different from how a young boy in elementary school described to me what happens when children are involved, "The other person just makes fun of the other person."

Some adults downtown told me that's also what happens in the workplace.

Other negative consequences on the job include bullying.

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